up all night

Monday night since we finished dinner early and had plenty of time to kill, Babe and I had an "on demand" marathon.
this where we watch several episodes of a show that we haven't had time to catch to determine if we want to add it to our DVR schedule.
Last night it was "Up All Night" with Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett
I have to say - I LOVED it and can't wait to see more.
It's funny, it's relevant and it makes parenting seem "cool".
Sort of.
I was listening to the radio the other day and Carson Daly (former MTV veejay) stated he thougth the show was brilliant and could totally resonate with a lot of 30 somethings out there right now.
I have to say I agree.
If you don't know, its about a couple who has a baby that ultimately changes their lives and are still trying to hang on to their "cool factor" while reconciling the fact that they are indeed.....parents.
It's hilarious.
Damon and I often chuckle about how "cool" we used to be and how much our lives have changed since having Sweet Pea.
And now with Baby Ninja on the way they are about to change that much more.
We used to be about going out to have a good time.
 Eating out, dancing/ drinking the night away only to sleep in and do it all again the next night.
There were some epic good times and fortunately for me (unfortunate for a few others) I have most of it captured on film in a photo album.
Yes a real one - that you put actual pictures in. (gasp!)
But now - we still are about having a good time, but we are definitely more focused on the kids and their needs.
We go to the fair and other amusement parks, for the kids.
We choose restaurants that are 'kid friendly' and have decent booster seats.
We choose neighborhoods based on the school district, not the proximity to the best mall/club/restaurants.
It's funny how time moves and things change isn't it?
I never would have thought at 16 that at 32 I would be a married mother of two and living in suburbia.
And that I would like it.
I used to dance on speakers for pete's sake!
Crazy huh?
And with baby ninja moving like crazy and not being able to sleep for longer than a few hours - I too am "Up all Night" so I can doubly relate to the sleep deprived haze this couple is walking around in.
Being pregnant is tough, having a new baby (especially the first one) is even tougher.
Learning to laugh at yourselves and taking each day as it comes is a lesson all parents have to learn.
You have to learn to balance who you are with who you were and learn to be okay with that.
It takes time and there will be moments of confusion as you look at your life surrounded by colorful squeaky toys, sweat/yoga pants, spit-up stained shirts while an abundance of "uh-oh's" and "whoopsie daisy's" punctuate your conversation and be like "who am I???? What have I become?"
And then there will be the days your little one is cuddled in your arms, smelling sweet after a bath and looks up at you adoringly and you know......you're a parent.
In it for life, for better or worse and wouldn't have it any other way.

Did you have any "who am I?" moments when you first became a parent?
If you're not a parent are you nervous about losing your identity?


  1. I love this! I seriously have those moments where I say "who am I?" (daily). Especially when you say those things you never thought you would say...."No don't put the dogs foot in your mouth", for example.

    There are definitely growing pains in the adjustment, but I wouldn't trade it!


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