Soulful weekend

Is is just me or does the weekend seem to go by too quickly?
these days Saturday and Sunday just seem to fly by.
This weekend was no exception. 
It seemed like Saturday was here and then it was Sunday afternoon and time to get ready for the week all over again!
But all things considered it was a good weekend.
We had no plans for once.
So I slept in ridiculously late Saturday had some breakfast and then  realized I was supposed to buy some onesies from Hautelook so I quickly logged on to the computer to do so, then I proceeded to lay around on the couch and watch "Top Chef: Just Desserts" with my family.
Then Babe and I watched "Limitless" having fallen asleep at the end of of Transformers 3 the night before, I was unable to hang for one more movie at that point.
We finally all got ourselves together for an outing to the illustrious Home Depot to gather paint swatches for the nursery.
It was Babe's first time out of the house since last Friday. He was quite excited.
We then headed over to Babies'r Us to take a gander at what's new in the world of baby.
And the answer to that is a LOT!
oh boy!
We were a little overwhelmed with all of the "options" for the things.....but slightly underwhelmed by the bedding choices.
Everything is so.....character / theme-y like. 
So not what I'm going for. 
The stroller section however - yowzers is that overwhelming!
I have to do more research and ask my newer mommy friends what they have and what they like.
Sunday was super chill.
We usually do a family dinner but I was so tired and my allergies were out of control so I spent most of the day in my jammies as did Babe & Sweet Pea.
I even napped on the couch for an hour or so - by the time I woke up, my mother-in-love had stopped by and then my mom showed up.
We ended up kicking Babe out of the downstairs so we could watch a movie "Soul Surfer" that the Sweets really wanted to see.
What a wonderful movie.
Talk about putting things in perspective.
I cried, I laughed, I hugged my kid super tight.
It was incredibly uplifting, enlightening and all around feel good.
At one point, I'm crying, Sweets is crying and so is my mother-in-love.
I don't even have words for how I was moved by that movie.
It's funny how something so simple can change your view on things.
All the things I've been stressing about - work, home, money, Babe's health, Sweet Pea, Baby Ninja, my parents, my extended family
It all seemed so trivial in light of what this family had gone through.
I was thoroughly moved.
If you haven't seen this movie - please check it out.
Before I knew it - it was time for dinner (creamy tuscan chicken) and then off to bed!
Sweet Pea has picture day today  so hopefully her hair held up long enough to get a good shot!

What did you all do this weekend?


  1. Eric went to Mammoth and the Wy guy and I were solo. So much fun. He took me on a date to Lazy Dog cafe and to see Dolphin Tale. The next day we were driving around looking for something to do and we ended up at Knott's Berry farm... Sun was a breakfast date and Paula Deen's pot roast (done in the oven). It was to die for. What a joy it was to be all alone with my guy. Shhh....Don't tell E, but I don't mind if he goes away again.


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