significant chatter

there are times when we (women) like to run our mouths for no particular reason.
just make conversation with folks and get our chit-chat on.
most days its simply because we require some kind of adult conversation and some days we just need to vent.
However, I am a fan of significant chatter.
You know conversations that actually mean something?
Where you skip the banal pleasantries and get down to the nitty gritty?
Those are my favorite.
It doesn't have to be deeply profound - it can be as simple as discussing paint colors or as deep as discussing our place in life.
All the same it still moves me and re-kindles something inside me.
I had the pleasure of spending some QT with one of my favorite ladies and we chatted it up all the day long.
And then we went to dinner with her and chatted it up some more.
And it was good.
My heart was full and happy.
Aside from eating at one of our favorite restaurants it was just a good time to catch up and share thoughts and ideas.
It's funny, how a few moments with quality women can affect your life in such a positive manner.
It seemed we touched on every topic under the sun - family, friendships, kids, husbands, life.
It was good indeed.
To take a moment out of our super busy lives full of kids, family and other commitments and just be.
Enjoy one another's company.
And it got me thinking - I have been truly blessed in the last year regarding my friendships and how they've grown.
I lost a few along the way that I thought had potential but in the grand scheme of things it was for the best.
I gained some quality folks and couldn't be happier about them.
They are some choice ladies let me tell ya.
And also my friendships with my other girls was strengthened as well.
I was reminded why God chooses to place people in our lives at seemingly just the right time.
I love that about this season in my life.
Things are falling into place in a most magical way and it just makes me grateful.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for a great day with you. I am also grateful that God put us together to travel through life. <3


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