Post -Op

Oh what a weekend.
At this point I wish there really were two of me.
One to take the much needed nap I am craving and the other to guzzle the glass of wine I am wishing for.
Clearly neither of those things are going to happen as there is laundry to be done and things to get sorted for the coming week.
My exhaustion is earned though and oddly not pregnancy related.
Friday I had to take my husband to the hospital to have his gall bladder removed.
Serious but yet not so much.
We were there waiting for several hours before they finally took him back to the O.R. at 4:45pm.
Pregnant lady in an uncomfortable chair, freezing room and with no snacks?
Fortunately my mother-in-love came to check on her baby boy so she stayed while I rushed to get Sweet Pea from school.
She had to eat in the car.
I felt terrible.
We stopped home first for jackets and a change of clothes for me (those hospitals are COLD!) and a few items for Babe as he was going to be kept overnight.
Got back to the hospital to discover they wouldn't let Sweet Pea up as she is only 9 and not the required 12.
My mother-in-love wasn't answering her phone at the time either, so I did what any crazy pregnant wife/mother would do.
I left her in the lobby under the watchful eye of security while I scurried up the the 2nd floor to get her Granna.
Fortunately she was with the doctor so we just switched places and she went downstairs.
The doctor said everything went well but he would be staying overnight and definitely wouldn't be able to drive for at least 10 days.
Huh? 10 days?
He takes Sweet Pea to school - how is that going to work?
So I went back downstairs to let my family know what was going on and asked my mother-in-love to please take Sweet Pea home with her and I would be by shortly to come get her.
Spent isn't even the beginning of where I was.
Alone in the hospital I held back tears as I was overcome with emotion.
How is this all going to work out? Thank you God everything that went okay! When will I get to see him? How much pain will he be in?
There were so many thoughts running through my head I couldn't grasp them all.
When they finally brought him to a room (1.5 hours  in an awkward chair later) he was coherent but definitely woozy.
Anyone who's ever hung out w/ someone post anesthesia knows how entertaining that can be.
But I felt wretched for him.
Here I was bemoaning the uncomfortable chairs and how exhausted I was and he'd had his body operated on.
I stayed until he got fully settle and finally left at his urging and insistence " I don't want you out late by yourself".
I was emotionally and physically drained and I still had to go get my kiddo and make phone calls.
By the time we got home and I ate again (lest the child in my stomach start doing the running man....again) it was almost 11pm.
I had to go to bed.
I tried but it was a futile attempt. I was restless.
At some point I did fall asleep but it was not restful so I was up bright and early Saturday by 8am.
Anyone who knows me knows, I do NOT get up early on the weekend.
But I missed my hubby and was desperate to check on him.
So I gathered the kid (she was already up) and we were off.
This time they let her upstairs (Thank you Jesus!) and she was able to see her Daddy.
I could tell she was concerned but she put on a brave face.
It's scary seeing your big strong Daddy laid out w/ tubes connected to him.
His mom showed up shortly thereafter and because they wouldn't release him for another 45min - 1 hour we left to go get our hair done.
(pause for reaction - yes we kept our previously scheduled hair appt. while Babe was on his way home from the hospital; judge me if you like but this was the only weekend we had)
We got pretty, swung by my Dad's and then headed back home to relieve his mom who had been here all afternoon.
Poor guy was super cranky and uncomfortable but I understood having had two major surgeries myself.
He had a hard time getting comfortable to sleep and as a side sleeper, he was vexed he could not roll over the way he's used to.
It was a long night.
Today has been better.
He got himself up and came downstairs to begin his football marathon while I was still semi-passed out upstairs.
Then I got up to run errands and go grocery shopping to stock up on things for his doctor assigned low-fat diet.
It being Sunday it took me forever and was a lot harder to bring in the heavy items now that I had to do it myself.
Sweet Pea has been a gem - checking on him to see if he needs anything and helping me bring in and put away groceries.
She has since retreated to her room - no doubt to avoid me asking her to do something else.
As for me.....I needed to get this out before my brain melts and I am completely useless....and while he's napping on the couch.
Work tomorrow is going to be interesting I'm sure.......
One great highlight of the day is that my favorite caramel corn from Popcornopolis was hosting a road show at Costco and I was able to score 3 bags for $12!! Score!!
Highlight of my day.
I've had one strong observation from this whole situation:
It is a good thing God allows women to have the children. Otherwise there would be no babies after the first one. Men simply cannot tolerate that kind of pain and would be lost if they had to be in pain and do other things to sustain a household.
It simply wouldn't happen.
So yeah....that's my weekend in a nutshell.

What was your highlight of the weekend?


  1. Laughing out loud at that last statement. FOR REAL.

    On another note, so glad that his surgery went well and he is now resting comfortably at home. Praying for his continued great recovery!

    Also praying for you to get some rest!


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