halfway there- random pregnancy ramblings

" Congratulations you're halfway there!"
That's the first email I saw this morning from one of many baby/pregnancy email updates I get.
This growing a person inside of you deal is halfway over.
I'm that much closer to meeting my son.
(insert awkward happy dance here)
And all I can think is:
I have GOT to get on the ball! We haven't done anything it seems!!
Sure we got the would-be nursery semi cleared out
(where oh where will I put all of my craft supplies?)
And I'm starting to narrow down ideas for Baby Ninja's room and overall "vibe" which is good.
But danggit there are so many good ideas out there that I will never be able to do it all.
(thank you Pinterest for giving me all kinds of wacky ideas)
And lets talk about naming this kid shall we?
It seemed like coming up with a name for Sweet Pea was easy as pie and in fact it was my friend Pie and I who sort of finalized the name.
Babe gave his approval after she and I had narrowed down the list.
But this kid?
And everyone has an opinion of course and an idea of what they like, while we both have reasons for not liking said name ...i.e. "I knew a guy named ______ and he was a jerk" or
"I dated a guy named _____" so that won't work.
It just seems a lot harder now.
So we will probably be heading into February and still have no name.
Another thing to think about - the baby shower.
Who throws it?
I don't know.
I've done a couple for my close friends even though they have sisters but I don't have any so I'm not sure how that works.
But thank goodness for my girlfriends who are super supportive and giving me TONS of baby boy advice (cuz I got the girliest girl ever and Lord knows I know nothing about boys).
But because we're due at the end of February and will be going into the holidays pretty soon, it's hard to plan when to do this shindig.
And y'all know how I love to plan a party!
Then there's the guest list - I guess it's like inviting people to your bridal shower - but there are a plethora of women in my life that I would love to be included in this event as they have in some way shape or form influenced me in the last several years even though we may not be super "close friends".
Is that weird?
Anywho - these are just a few of my preggo brain ramblings.
I'm off to work on "Operation Baby Nursery" and go look at paint swatches, bedding and get an idea of what's new in the world of baby.
Taking Babe & Sweet Pea with me so we'll see how long we all last.

What are you all up to this weekend?


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