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This is my last week home with Babe and it has been a doozy.
We've spent the majority of the week cleaning and organizing everything.
I've mentioned before I'm a little obsessive compulsive about my things and where and how they are put away so having him 'help' me was a bit of a challenge on my part.
Top that off with being a natural procrastinator (I am notorious for starting projects and not following through) and you have a recipe for FUN!
However, it turned out better than expected.
Monday I had lunch w/ my girlfriend and her mini-man (my boyfriend) and we ran errands and caught up.
Tuesday was another trip to the doctor where I discovered I've gained 7lbs.
In. two. weeks.
Perhaps I should lay off the bacon covered everything?
(yes, that seems a bit vain and I realize I'm with child but that doesn't mean I should turn into a whale does it?)
awkward angle trying to see how far my toes stick out while not tipping over
Then our computer went black.
Insert panic attack here (no internet!!??? how will I survive?)
Wednesday I cruised on down to my parents neck of the woods to pick up/ drop off some things.
Stopped by my mothers to get a basket for the changing table and subsequently set off the house alarm.
No police came crashing around the corner and I called to let her know it was me lest she think there was a robbery gone wrong.
Decided to cruise by Chartreuse Home Furnishings on the way to my dad's and finally purchased the famous pinecone candle as I have been obsessed by candles lately and I am so happy I did!
My whole house smells delicious!
Went to my dads to chat it up and bring him some of the delicious pot roast from Sunday and we started discussing our computer issue (mainly that it's time for Babe and I to get a new one and upgrade) and he happened to have a brand spanking new HP still in the box just laying around.
What the what?!
Who does that? Oh my crazy dad + a late night QVC marathon.
So he generously offered it to us and Babe set it up yesterday.
It's fabulous.
Web cam and all that so now I can skype w/ my long lost bff's!!
When I returned home I settled in for a nice nap and then got busy going through my 500 million bins of random things I've had since the beginning of time it feels like!
I found old fliers from my promotion days in Atlanta, business cards for friends, prom pictures, and the blessed mixed tapes!

It was so fun to go through all that and take my trip down memory lane.
Ahhh, the memories.
Babe was also super impressed that I actually sat down to do it but I chalk that up to the fact that I finished my book early Monday morning and haven't really gotten sucked into a new one yet.
It feels good to have made such progress in such a short amount of time.
I'm really proud of us.
I organized all my craft things
 (note to self - you have a ton of craft paint, the only other ones you need are the glitter paints.)
And labeled all the drawers and am super pleased with the resulting organization.
So now Baby Ninja's room is all cleared out and ready for Babe to paint.

I'm pretty excited to see how the grey turns out on the wall and to get the crib put together.
I have a few other projects I want to do for in there but am trying to take it slow and do one thing at a time.
Well try to anyway.

What have you accomplished this week?


  1. I'm so excited to see how the nursery comes along!! :)

    And I am the same way, I don't like help and I tend to leave things half finished. I know all this about myself, and yet, I am still this way! LOL

  2. That was an encouraging thoughts you have shared for us Amber. I do hope so that many will be inspired on what you have posted here in your site.


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