color bind

Have you ever read a blog that moved you to your core randomly?
Like you've never met this person and this is the first time you've read their words but suddenly you find yourself sobbing in front of your computer?
Yeah - that's what happened when I discovered Life in Grace.
Edie had just lost everything in a devastating house fire and was grateful to escape with her life and that of her family in tact.
I was terribly moved and crying at work.
She was so full of grace and Christ's love while suffering a tragic loss and it just rocked me to my core to see how her faith was overshadowing her loss.
I've followed her blog for the last year as she posted about their re-building process and found myself scouring older posts to see the wonder that was her house before.
This month she's working on a 31 day series documenting the transformation of her new living space. 
It's awesome.
Edie's workroom. I die for that chair. this speaks to my heart

This morning over my spiced cider and pumpkin bread I was able to catch up on the progress and fell in love.
You can tell how much she loves her home and the people who reside there.
How she wants it to be a place of rest, worship and comfort for all who enter it's doors.
I dig it so much.
She is not afraid to go out on a limb and use color.
Mix fabric and textures or color schemes.
I admire that.
And in my current state of nesting-ness it's been a huge boon to my creative spirit.
Currently I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place as I have a strong desire to "redcorrange" things around the homestead but it's a bit difficult to get things 'just so' when you don't outright own the place.
So I'm making do with what I have and changing a bit of the scenery if I can't change the landscape.
Does that even make sense?
I want new pillows for the couch and would love a new rug but that would take eons to mull over and finally decide on one we both like
 (for some reason Babe likes to insert his design aesthetic into my ambitions- go figure)
But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
No for now I'm quite content to imagine and use Pinterest as a medium to house all my ideas until I'm able to put them into action.
It's also helped me realize what my house 'style' is.
I think I described it last week as a modern, eclectic?
i love this whole scheme

hello color!

Anyway - in reading Edie's blog and touring a few of my friends homes (whom I consider to be swell homemakers) I've found a certain vibe that I am slightly consumed by.
I want my house to be cozy & fun.
Functional but modern and still whimsical.
I am not stuffy and matchy-matchy and I strive for the space I reside in to have the same feeling.
There is something about all the homes I love that has a re-curring theme - they have no fear.
No inhibition when it comes to their decorating style and layout.
As a teen I spent a lot of time moving furniture or adding posters to the walls and as a young adult we lived in the 'crayola house' (each wall was a different color in our living room)
It's made me realize I need to get back to that feeling.
Looking at Edie's home brought out something in me.
Her unabashed love of color and seemingly reckless abandon when it comes to mixing patterns,textures and colors in a room just rocks my socks.
Because right now it's just a lot of brown and tan.
an old photo as things have since been re-arranged but the color are still pretty much the same

The whole nursery decorating process has really brought that into focus.
It's been awhile since I was able to design a room from scratch if ever, and there are so many good ideas out there it makes me slightly overwhelmed and anxious to narrow it down.
But I do know this - I like bold and bright colors that are also inviting and warm.
So while I'm pretty sure this will be a work in progress there will be plenty of updates on how I  we fine tune this place and make it our own.
And who knows what type of inspiration the next house will bring.

Tell me, do you have any decorating aspirations?
What's your home's style?


  1. My decorating aspiration is to get this dang living room painted at some point but I'm really torn on what color to paint it. Oh and curtains.

    I would describe our house as cozy and homey. We have a lot of old school mix matched furniture but somehow it all works in a comfortable fashion. Reminds me of our house growing up :)


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