Today we celebrated my husband's 35th birthday.
It was a perfect day.
The sun was shining, the weather amazing.
We shared brunch with a few of his closest friends and their families.
And of course - there was football on all day!!
There was even a nap or two for me!
(double yaay!)
I love these kinds of days.
Relaxing and enjoying good company.
I have been thinking about this day for awhile.
35 seems like such a big number.
So much has happened to us in the last 5 years and we still have such a long way to go.
I remember celebrating his 23rd birthday in Atlanta with him.
I was barely 20.
And he seemed so much older than me at that the time.

Much more grounded than, flighty, giggly, young me.
He knew were he was going and had a plan on how to get there.
Not me -  I was just going somewhere.
And now here we are.
A whopping 12 years later.
We finished college.
We had the Sweetest little Pea.
We survived our years apart and (finally) got married
We are expecting a baby boy.
Things are moving and changing daily.
I am so glad I went up to him that day in front of the gym and randomly struck up the conversation that led to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
He has been such an integral part of my life.
I am grateful for all the time we have spent.
The laughs we have shared, the lives we have created, and the journey we are on.
It's not always peachy keen.
But it is riddled with joy and laughter and for me that's all that counts.
So cheers to my Babe on his 35th birthday.
I wish him many more and can't wait to see what the next 12+ years have to bring!


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