Sugar Rush

It's early and I'm pretty exhausted and have a bit of a sugar hangover but I had to get this out of my head before I lose any of the glow.......
Yesterday afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of dining at one of my favorite spots with one of my absolute FAVORITE people.
After a lovely lunch we headed over to Blog Sugar to meet up with all the ladies I've heard so much about, some whose blogs I read religiously and others I'd never heard of or met until yesterday.
It was amazing.
There was a buzz in the air and all the women were beyond excited.
There was a lot of whispering to one's friend "that's so and so from _________. I LOVE her!"
And it was so refreshing to be in a room full of women who write their hearts as I do.
Whether they craft or just write or simply post pictures I feel like everyone got something out of it.
I know I did.
And let's not even discuss the amount of sweets I had - SO good. 
Thanks to April of the Modern Gourmet I'm now a fan of whoopie pies - particularly her strawberry whoopie pies
I was nervous about going at first, I have to admit.
Excited, but still kind of nervous.
I knew I was most likely going to be the only African-American woman there, and I also knew that while I would know a handful of people there were others I would not know at all.
And that was a bit daunting to me.
I make friends pretty easily but sharing my heart with stranger comes a lot tougher and I really wanted to be open to the experience and to meeting all these women and not being intimidated by them.
It helped to have Amber there as a "wing-man" so to speak so I had someone to consistently touch bases with after each session and at the end of the night.
I'll write more about what I got out of it but I have to get this out while it's still fresh in my mind.
I let myself be really open to all that was going to happen and basically just gave it all up to God as to how I felt.
And there were some moments of discomfort simply because I was surrounded by so much awesome - but then I was reminded and encouraged that I was pretty awesome too.
And that helped a bunch.
It was also great to meet HER in person.
Oddly we have several mutual "real-life" friends and I've kind of been stalking her blog for almost a year and I think she's pretty rad.
She's taller than I thought but still just as stylish and awesome as she comes across.
So to turn around from talking with a friend and see her smile at me, wave and come over with open arms just made my day.
I also had a mini- high school reunion as the organizer of Blog Sugar - Rachel is a friend of mine from high school, the "ambassador's of goodwill" were all friends from BCHS as was most of the check -in crew.
The "bouncers" read strapping men who helped move/load things and open doors were all former BCHSers and husbands/brothers of attendees.
It was nice to catch up with everyone and share my joy and a few hours chatting.
I'm pretty sure I loved every minute of it.
I have a lot to think about over the coming days and weeks but I am excited, and refreshed and fired up about where this blog and my life are going.
Thanks for being along for the ride.

What did you do interesting this weekend?


  1. I was there! I saw you but I don't think I got to meet you. Boo!! I'm going through withdrawals from an amazing evening already. We need a local blogger meet up soon!

  2. it was so nice to meet you and visit with you. i'm so glad we wound up sitting at the same table!!

  3. Oh lady it was so great to meet you in person and give you that big hug. You are a delight and I can see why we share so many of the same friends. I'm glad you took something away from the event and met some new friends too :)

  4. It was fun meeting you and chatting for a little while! Now I understand what you meant when you were talking about your sweet tooth being out of control... congrats on the baby! Hope to see you again soon. :)

  5. Wasn't blog sugar fantabulous?
    So glad you had such a good time. I'm bummed I didn't meet you. The day went too fast though didn't it? I am so glad I found you blog now. Ill definitely be back!

  6. I was there! Would have loved to have met you! There were so many people there it was totally overwhelming (in a good way!) That is so fun you went to high school with Rachel!

  7. SO happy you were there, Ambs.
    Love you, girl.


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