So Long Summer...

I can't believe it's really September and Labor Day is already here!
Where has this summer/year gone!??
We have spent many a day laughing and enjoying the slower pace but it's time to "get back in gear" as school for Sweet Pea has already begun and Babe and I are gearing up for the fall/holiday season.
I'm so not ready.
A few weeks ago we I decided it would be a GREAT idea to host a rocking BBQ one last time to say goodbye to summer and spend a lovely day with all of our favorite peeps!
And it was a smashing success (if I do say so myself).
I invited over 50 people and had 39 rsvp's.
Babe was a little concerned as to how everyone would fit but I assured him  it 'would all work out' somehow.
Not to mention I was super excited to test out my recipe for Root Beer Float cupcakes and they were GREAT!
I was super pleased with how they turned out.
Thankfully I have a FAB friend who hosts shindigs often and had a few tables and some extra chairs that she was willing to lend me.
I also have another fabulous friend who was super helpful in seeing my whole "vision" come together and she, her hubby and their ADORABLE little boy came over early to help set up.
Of course I hadn't even showered by the time they came over but they were totally unfazed and by the time I had gotten out of the shower and come back downstairs they had set up the lanterns, tables & table cloths and arranged the patio furniture 'just so'.
They are amazing!
Thanks Amber & Eric for all of your help - we couldn't have had a successful party without you.
Before I knew it guests were arriving and the number steadily grew from  6 to 10, t0 15, to 20 and then I lost count.
Kids were everywhere, food was coming in left and right and laughter could be heard from down the block.
A great night indeed.
I actually didn't take as many pictures as usual because I was playing super hostess and really enjoying just hanging out with our friends but the ones that I did......classic.

Needless to say we won't be hosting that many people for quite some time but it was totally worth it.
Friends from near and far, both old and new, family and kids too......good times all around.
my lovely "umbrella" wreath

what's a party w/ out paper lanterns!

s'mores parting gifts!
my sisters-in-love & my mother-in-love

The Winters & the Radthke's

the A-MAZING Van Duyn's

Austin sisters aka - "the beans lady & the chicken lady"

Ebony, Nico & his sister + Jordan

the Alexander girls

A few of the kids

my boyfriend Quentin & his dad Charles

the only decent shot we got all night - Teon, LaShaunda, Me & Rose - love these ladies!
And the moment of the day!

Baby "D" coming February 2012!!!


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