the poll

Now that we've announced the pregnancy, told you how far along I am (18 weeks) 
It's time to start the FUN!!
Who wants to take a guess at what's growing inside my tummy????
( is it weird that I kind of felt weird typing that?)
  • Here are a few fun facts to aide in your guessing:
  • I experienced morning sickness but not to the level it was with Sweet Pea (thank God) and still get queasy occasionally
  • Smells bother me
  • I crave certain foods both salty & sweet.....mostly sweet
  • I have a wicked sweet tooth (think Caramel Corn at 9am.....sometimes earlier)
  • The heart rate was 165 
  • I've had sporadic headaches
The ultrasound showed a HUGE head but at 14 weeks I think all heads are huge!
My sisters in love and the majority of the family are convinced its a boy
All the "gender predictors" I've done say it's a girl......

what do YOU think????

Check back Wednesday the 28th as that's the next scheduled ultrasound......hopefully Baby Ninja will show themselves!!


  1. Girl. Just because :) Remember how I told you I used to eat cap'n crunch all day? hahaha The caramel corn reminded me of that. Oh, sweet (literally) memories...

    ps. if you could stop giving me baby fever when I have a 7 month old already? that would be fabulous ;)

  2. Hmmm...I'm guessing girl! Can't wait to hear! =)


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