Let's talk Baby Bumps shall we?
so here we are at  just about 18 weeks
settling into the pregnancy if you will
and  the main question I get is : Do you know what you're having?
Do you want to find out?
Unfortunately it was too early at our last ultrasound appointment and our technician wasn't even willing to hazard a guess.
And OF COURSE we want to know!
That's a must do on my "pregnancy checklist".
I get how and why a person would want to be "surprised" but that's not my idea of a great surprise.
I need. to. know.
I can't plan a nursery, or even begin to come up with names until I have some firm confirmation.
So we wait.
And guess.
Matter of fact - in about a week I will be launching a poll on here and FB and you can cast your vote on what you think we will have.
The majority of the family thinks one thing and I oddly don't have a feeling one way or another.
well a small feeling but it vacillates so I can't confirm.
However I have done a number of the "predictors" and all indicate the same thing.
Oddly I don't really mind either way.
I wouldn't mind another girl since I already have one and kind of know what to expect.
But I wouldn't mind a boy either to carry on the Dorsey name.
I really just want a healthy baby either way.
That's all I can ask for anyway.
On another note - I've been thinking on the best way to "document" this pregnancy.
Not really excited about doing an obligatory weekly update w/ the belly photo (cuz really it doesn't change that much from week to week in the begining)
Nor do I think the world (or the few that read this) want to see my burgeoning belly and hear about fetal heart rate.
So how does one come up w/ a cute and creative way to document their "occupancy"?
Pinterest of course!
I was looking at something on there the other day
(have you joined? if not you need to get on that. it's beyond amazing. seriously. do it.)
anywho - I was perusing someone's "baby" board or something to that effect and came across only the coolest and cutest idea ever!
A maternity photo book!
found HERE
It's basically a book that documents thoughts from mom to baby throughout each week!
The highs and the lows - which to me is GREAT.
And is a wonderful creative diversion from the standard "bump watch" emails and blogs we've all seen.
I'm doubly excited because I didnt do anything like this with Sweet Pea.
Sure I had a baby book that I hardly wrote in, and there are the random journal entries but nothing that really documents what was going on both inside and out!
So I'm pretty excited to attempt to re-create this.
And hopefully this will inspire Babe to get our camera fixed (again) so we can have better photos!!!
I also want to be totally honest with all the women out there.
Yes growing a person is an amazing thing but it takes a lot out of you and let's be honest - it's not all sunshine and roses.
So - check back for updates and see what's going on with my 'tenant' and hopefully you will be entertained!


  1. That book is super cute! Glad you're still feeling good! Can't wait to find out who will be joining the fam!


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