This post has been weighing on my heart and my mind since Monday and it's been hard for me to gather my words for it.
How do you write a good-bye to a friend who is gone too soon?
On Monday morning I received a phone call from a dear friend who's first words to me were
"Have you checked Facebook today?"
I told her I had just gotten up so no.
She then blew my mind with the following phrase:
"Chris died!?"
It was not quite a statement or a question.
More of an expression of shock.
I was dumbfounded.
Chris? OUR Chris?
My husband had just spoken to him a few weeks prior.
I had seen his postings on FB not but a week before.
Our other friends had spoken to him recently as well.
Hell, I invited him to the BBQ we had this past Sunday!
How did this happen?
I first met Chris in the fall of 2007 when Babe and I first got back together.
He was a friend of my -not-yet-husband's and I liked him right away.
Funny as all get out.
Originally from St. Louis he spoke with a bit of a twang and had a wonderfully warped sense of humor.
He was good people.
I nicknamed him "Big Country" and he called me "Lil' Country" - it was longtime running joke that I don't even remember how it started.
He spent many an afternoon/evening at our house enjoying the antics on American Idol and trying to guess who would win America's Next Top Model.
In fact - it was a regular thing for him to come over for dinner on Wednesdays.
We looked forward to it as a family.
Oddly he always referred to me as Babes "wife" even before we were engaged.
And he would make it a point to stop by if he knew I had baked, even if it was just to run in and grab a piece of cake and run back out.
A few months after our initial meeting we ended up going to Las Vegas to celebrate his and another friends birthdays.
We had. a. BALL.
So much fun and so many memories and jokes packed into two days time.
I will never forget it.
Chris was to us what he was to everybody it seems, from reading the messages on his FB page, a great guy to be around, full of life and laughter.
He had a joke for every occasion and dance step for every song.

He was our friend.
We hadn't spoken to him in awhile but that didn't change how we felt about him.
The look on Babe's face when I broke the news will forever haunt me.
He lost a good friend.

Although physically he is gone from this world I know his spirit will watch over us all.
And whenever we see his commercials or photos we will be reminded of his infectious smile, contagious laughter and general humor.
My heart and prayers go out to his family - wife, kids, parents and siblings.

To the man I called "Big Country"

You are a dear friend and will always and forever live in our hearts.
We will tell stories about you and your humor for years to come.
I can only pray that your family knows how much you meant to those outside of it.
Though you were not "blood" you were a member of our family and we loved you like a brother.
I wish we had spent more time, called more and just "been there" in general but I know that you knew how we felt.
God knew what he was doing  when he placed in you our lives at the most opportune time.
We thank you for your laughter, your support, your friendship and your love.
We love you and will miss you.


  1. that was refreshingly sweet....a beautiful good..i mean
    see u later

  2. That was a Wonderful Tribute to Chris! Thanks for posting that. :)


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