For Real

I'm kind of dragging today but the sun is out this morning so that puts a positive spin on things.
I have no idea how I made it through yesterday save for the grace of  God and being sustained by several chocolate chip cookies via my friend & co-worker.
I can't lie and say this pregnancy has been a breeze because it hasn't but that's another post.
I am still reeling from this event and all the beautiful people I met and messages I received.
I have so much on my mind, I will probably be talking about this for days and weeks to come.
I have struggled with the nature/ purpose of this blog for awhile and I'm always grasping for an answer whenever anyone asks "so what is your blog about? what is it's purpose?"
" Everything" seems so vague.
In the beginning it was about sharing Sweet Pea's antics.
That lasted about a month.
Then it became about getting people to follow me - to be excited about my posts the way I was excited about others.
At some point I realized that too was futile and if I didn't already, it was for sure hammered home on Sunday.
The main and resounding message that seems to be penetrating the  "sugar high" on the blogs of those that were there is:
This blog is not about ME.
It's bigger than me.
It's about my voice, my message and my ability to share the blessings I've received and the grace I've been given.
It's become quite apparent to me in recent months.
But admittedly I was struggling.
For awhile I would obsess over WHY I didn't have a ton of followers, I think I'm funny, my content covers a range of topics and I know so many people so why don't I have the "public" I deserve?
And I would look at the writers of blogs I adore and feel inadequate.
I don't do enough projects with my kid, I don't cook from scratch or meal plan like I should, I'm not the best decorator and my house isn't "oh so cute and stylish".
Simply put,I had blog envy.
I would compare my writing to theirs or try to adjust my style to mimic theirs and realized somewhere along the way: that simply wasn't ME.
Not in the slightest.
And no matter how hard I tried, it never would be.
And that's okay.
Because as my bio states - this is MY story, MY way told in the only voice I have.
It's not perfect. It's not always fun but it's REAL.
And that I dig.
And I hope you will due time.
So here's a bit of the lowdown on ME:
I'm not very serious.
I am strong in my faith but not much of an evangelist.
I try to make the best of all situations but I have my moments of negativity
I am a happy lady 95% of the time.
I laugh too loudly and tell inappropriate jokes.
I love to read and write (duh) 
I am sarcastic
I put my foot in my mouth more often than not
I'm short but feel tall (perhaps its those 4.5" heels I like to wear)
I am OBSESSED with cosmetics of all kinds, creams, shadows, blushes and lip glosses.
I love to make people over (and I mean in the makeup sense of the word not to really "fix" them - so not my job)
I am chatty and tend to be long winded (see exhibit A above)
I love purple and things that sparkle
I believe in happy endings and wish upon stars
I love my family with all my heart
My friends are the BOMB
I'm a little bit crazy and I'm totally okay with that.
So that's me in a nutshell - we can dig deeper next week and hopefully you stick around for the "really fun stuff"!

Who are YOU really?


  1. I love, love, love that you are discovering what to do with your little corner of the blog world. And I love YOU so I can't wait to read on :)

    Oh and I am also short (5'0) and feel tall! I have a major complex hahaha


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