Drumroll please.....

Well y'all yesterday was the big day.
Woke up full of excitement and wonder.
Kind of felt like Christmas but w/ out worrying about cleaning up a mess later.....
We had several doctor's appointments and were pleased to find out that Baby Ninja is growing nicely, everything is where it's supposed to be and the size it should be.
We got some EXCELLENT pictures and the lab tech was wonderful about showing us in detail all that was going on with our wee one.
And can I just say - am I the only one who finds ultrasound pictures slightly disturbing?
The fact that you can see a PERSON inside you and their whole skeleton......yeah it creeps me out a bit.
It's joyous.
But it's still creepy when you look up and skeletor is looking back at you.
But my thoughts on anatomy is not why you're reading this.
you want to know right?
Well we got a lovely surprise to discover we're having......

A BOY!!!!
Holy moly!!!
Babe was shocked (he was convinced he was bound to spend the rest of his life outnumbered)  but I wasn't , I kind of knew and it was really awesome to see his reaction.
His first question to me was " So what colors do you want to do for the nursery?"
Ahhh he speaks my love language.
So now we have to figure out a name for this child.....

Wish us luck!

Anything exciting happen to you yesterday?


  1. EEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! So excited! I was totally wrong haha. This is why I don't claim to be a baby predictor ;)

    Looking forward to seeing what you will do for a nursery!

  2. Congratulations!

    As a Mom of 6 boys I would like to be the first to say WELCOME to the Club!



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