Bump Style: what's working for me - week 18

One of my co-workers (and a super stylish mom herself) and I were discussing the challenges of dressing a growing baby bump in this day and age.
Well first it started w/ a discussion on the newest shoes Sole Society was launching in October and then we moved on to clothing as she kept proclaiming how "tiny" my bump was.
I on,on the other, hand feel a bit larger than "tiny" but I appreciated the sentiment none-the-less......but I'm getting off topic (as usual)
There are a TON more options than when I was pregnant with Sweet Pea but who wants to break the bank on purchasing a whole new wardrobe for yourself when you will have a little one to dress, a nursery to decorate and bottles to buy?
Not me for sure.
So she gave me the bright idea to sort of do a "what's working for me" series of posts to document.....well, what's working for me style wise.
No one wants to look frumpy while carrying the bump and I am not one to sacrifice style for a few months or however long it takes to get back into my pre-bump clothes (specifically my favorite jeans).
So, with that in mind I've made sort of a list (cuz I like lists) of things that I will for sure purchase to enchance my preggo style and things that I will "make it work" that I already own.

To Buy:
  • Jeans- an absolute must; I confess I am that woman who loves her jeans and owns about 20 pairs. these are a necessity.While I'm normally a "designer jeans" girl (think Paige, Citizens & James) I can't really afford or justify spending $100+ on limited wear jeans. So I won't. I recently purchased 2 pairs of "skinny" maternity jeans(ha!) from GAP and am quite pleased with how they look and for the price; I am doubly excited. I see about 2 more pair in my future.
  • Tops - while I am the t-shirt/wife beater queen I don't want to stretch out my favorite tops to "make them work" so I think it will be in my best interest to purchase a few tanks & tees to get me through.
  • Bra's - let's face it; this is a given - my boobs are growing at a rapid rate (hallelujah!) but my current selection of underthings is not accommodating them. So I need to up the ante so to speak - and I would like some pretty bra's at that. No ugly plain maternity/nursing bras here!
  • Flats- I'm not a big flats wearer. I love them on other people but since I'm 5'4" I tend to gravitate towards shoes with a heel. However, I know that during the latter months and post baby the need for height will not really be a daily requirement. Fortunately for me Sole Society has some super cute flats available that I can wear year round and won't break my bank!
Already own:
(and can wear during and after "the Invasion")
  • I just got two pairs of KILLER boots from Hautelook's Steven by Steve Madden blowout to add to the winterwardrobe.
  • My A-MAZING new Kenneth Cole wool peacoat arrived yesterday - it's a lovely berry shade and will last for many seasons. SO excited about this
  • Sweaters - I have a couple of my favorite sweaters that are already oversized just enough to allow me to get away with wearing them through this fall
  • Leggings - I own a few but will definitely be adding a few more as this is a fall/winter staple for me
  • Tunics - comfy, casual & chic - these will go well with leggings and boots and keep me & the "occupant" warm
And I think that's it really - I don't require a lot and plan to "make it work" with most everything else I have in my closet.
I'll post photos this weekend of my newly accquired items this weekend so you can see how I'm "making it work"!!


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