Pregnancy hormones are out of control today.
It's such a beautiful day out.
Football is back on and Babe is yelling at the TV like it's his job, Sweet Pea is playing in her room & laughing at her TV.
That is so refreshing.
And I'm sitting here at the computer, looking at the assortment of postings on FB, Yahoo news and the like.
It's amazing to me see how my generation has been affected.
Similarly to that of my fathers when JFK and MLK died.
They knew where they were, what they were doing & wearing when the world went silent.
As do we.
10 years it has been since all of our lives were changed.
It seems like so long ago but feels like yesterday whenever I see any footage.
I'm making it a point to not watch anything about it today.
I can't.
It still hurts.
And we actually watched a bit last weekend and spent the week trying to calm down a 9 year-old.
No thank you.
Sweet Pea is 9.
She was just a little thing floating in my tummy when all this happened 10 years ago.
I will never forget what I was doing, wearing or feeling at that moment.
And here I am, a whole decade later, pregnant again and wondering where this world is heading.
But I look back and am proud.
Not of everything that has occurred, but proud of our people.
How we rallied and recovered.
How we have moved on but never forgotten.
How we have grown and gone forward.
It makes my heart swell.
So today, I say a prayer for all those families who lost someone, who's lives will never be the same.
I say a prayer for those who didn't and are still affected by this date in time.
And I say 'thank you' to all that raise their heads high and show their pride and their love.
Always looking forward, not dwelling in the past and 'what could've been'.
Today, lets rejoice in the family we have, the lives we live and the love in our hearts.


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