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week 19: whats working for me....What I Wore @ Blog Sugar

This week has been busy and I  haven't been all that 'stylish' as I desperately need to do laundry. Oh well. So here's a photo fromBlog Sugaron Sunday. I had to put together something stylish & comfortable as I knew it was going to be a long day/night. And this is what I came up with!
I look awkward because I was talking halfway through it (surprise, surprise) and the sun was in my eyes. But pay no attention to my facial expression - it's the outfit that matters Jeans : gap- "skinny" maternity Shoes: payless Tank: Mossimo for Target Cardi: Forever 21 Linking up with Lindsey for WIWW!! (I actually met her at Blog Sugar and she's doll I tell you!!)
What did you wear that felt good this week?

Drumroll please.....

Well y'all yesterday was the big day. Woke up full of excitement and wonder. Kind of felt like Christmas but w/ out worrying about cleaning up a mess later..... We had several doctor's appointments and were pleased to find out that Baby Ninja is growing nicely, everything is where it's supposed to be and the size it should be. We got some EXCELLENT pictures and the lab tech was wonderful about showing us in detail all that was going on with our wee one. And can I just say - am I the only one who finds ultrasound pictures slightly disturbing? The fact that you can see a PERSON inside you and their whole skeleton......yeah it creeps me out a bit. It's joyous. But it's still creepy when you look up and skeletor is looking back at you. But my thoughts on anatomy is not why you're reading this. you want to know right? Well we got a lovely surprise to discover we're having......
A BOY!!!! Holy moly!!! Babe was shocked (he was convinced he was bound to spend the rest of his lif…

For Real

I'm kind of dragging today but the sun is out this morning so that puts a positive spin on things. I have no idea how I made it through yesterday save for the grace of  God and being sustained by several chocolate chip cookies via my friend & co-worker. I can't lie and say this pregnancy has been a breeze because it hasn't but that's another post. I am still reeling from this event and all the beautiful people I met and messages I received. I have so much on my mind, I will probably be talking about this for days and weeks to come. I have struggled with the nature/ purpose of this blog for awhile and I'm always grasping for an answer whenever anyone asks "so what is your blog about? what is it's purpose?"
" Everything" seems so vague. In the beginning it was about sharing Sweet Pea's antics. That lasted about a month. Then it became about getting people to follow me - to be excited about my posts the way I was excited about others. At some po…

Sugar Rush

It's early and I'm pretty exhausted and have a bit of a sugar hangover but I had to get this out of my head before I lose any of the glow....... Yesterday afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of dining at one of my favorite spots with one of my absolute FAVORITE people. After a lovely lunch we headed over toBlog Sugarto meet up with all the ladies I've heard so much about, some whose blogs I read religiously and others I'd never heard of or met until yesterday. It was amazing. There was a buzz in the air and all the women were beyond excited. There was a lot of whispering to one's friend "that's so and so from _________. I LOVE her!" And it was so refreshing to be in a room full of women who write their hearts as I do. Whether they craft or just write or simply post pictures I feel like everyone got something out of it. I know I did. And let's not even discuss the amount of sweets I had - SO good.  Thanks to April of the Modern Gourmet I'm now a fan of…

the poll

Now that we've announced the pregnancy, told you how far along I am (18 weeks)  It's time to start the FUN!! Who wants to take a guess at what's growing inside my tummy???? ( is it weird that I kind of felt weird typing that?) Here are a few fun facts to aide in your guessing: I experienced morning sickness but not to the level it was with Sweet Pea (thank God) and still get queasy occasionally Smells bother me I crave certain foods both salty & sweet.....mostly sweet I have a wicked sweet tooth (think Caramel Corn at 9am.....sometimes earlier) The heart rate was 165  I've had sporadic headaches The ultrasound showed a HUGE head but at 14 weeks I think all heads are huge! My sisters in love and the majority of the family are convinced its a boy All the "gender predictors" I've done say it's a girl......
what do YOU think????
************************* Check back Wednesday the 28th as that's the next scheduled ultrasound......hopefully Baby Ninja will show t…

Bump Style: what's working for me - week 18

One of my co-workers (and a super stylish mom herself) and I were discussing the challenges of dressing a growing baby bump in this day and age. Well first it started w/ a discussion on the newest shoes Sole Society was launching in October and then we moved on to clothing as she kept proclaiming how "tiny" my bump was. I on,on the other, hand feel a bit larger than "tiny" but I appreciated the sentiment none-the-less......but I'm getting off topic (as usual) There are a TON more options than when I was pregnant with Sweet Pea but who wants to break the bank on purchasing a whole new wardrobe for yourself when you will have a little one to dress, a nursery to decorate and bottles to buy? Not me for sure. So she gave me the bright idea to sort of do a "what's working for me" series of posts to document.....well, what's working for me style wise. No one wants to look frumpy while carrying the bump and I am not one to sacrifice style for a few months o…


Let's talk Baby Bumps shall we?
so here we are at  just about 18 weeks
settling into the pregnancy if you will and  the main question I get is : Do you know what you're having? and  Do you want to find out? Unfortunately it was too early at our last ultrasound appointment and our technician wasn't even willing to hazard a guess. And OF COURSE we want to know! That's a must do on my "pregnancy checklist". I get how and why a person would want to be "surprised" but that's not my idea of a great surprise. I need. to. know. I can't plan a nursery, or even begin to come up with names until I have some firm confirmation. So we wait. And guess. Matter of fact - in about a week I will be launching a poll on here and FB and you can cast your vote on what you think we will have. The majority of the family thinks one thing and I oddly don't have a feeling one way or another. well a small feeling but it vacillates so I can't confirm. However I have done a numb…

Featured Writer

I'm featured over at TheSmartly today so head on over and check it out. Even better - tell me what you think and score major brownie points! Statute of Limitations


This post has been weighing on my heart and my mind since Monday and it's been hard for me to gather my words for it. How do you write a good-bye to a friend who is gone too soon? On Monday morning I received a phone call from a dear friend who's first words to me were "Have you checked Facebook today?" I told her I had just gotten up so no. She then blew my mind with the following phrase: "Chris died!?" It was not quite a statement or a question. More of an expression of shock. I was dumbfounded.
Chris? OUR Chris? My husband had just spoken to him a few weeks prior. I had seen his postings on FB not but a week before.
Our other friends had spoken to him recently as well. Hell, I invited him to the BBQ we had this past Sunday! How did this happen? ***************************** I first met Chris in the fall of 2007 when Babe and I first got back together. He was a friend of my -not-yet-husband's and I liked him right away. Funny as all get out. Originally from St. Louis …

It's about time

So we had "the shindig" for two reason's One: we really wanted to see all of our friends and family and I love any excuse to throw a party.
My husband not so much - he's not real excited about the post party clean-up but I love it all.


We're having a BABY!!!
After 9 years of just Sweet Pea we will be welcoming a new member to our 3 person party.
We have no idea (yet) what the gender is and haven't even begun to pick out names but we are super excited!
Yesterday's BBQ was a great way to share the news with our friends and celebrate this new addition!
Stay tuned to see what's next!

So Long Summer...

I can't believe it's really September and Labor Day is already here! Where has this summer/year gone!?? We have spent many a day laughing and enjoying the slower pace but it's time to "get back in gear" as school for Sweet Pea has already begun and Babe and I are gearing up for the fall/holiday season. I'm so not ready. A few weeks ago we I decided it would be a GREAT idea to host a rocking BBQ one last time to say goodbye to summer and spend a lovely day with all of our favorite peeps! And it was a smashing success (if I do say so myself). I invited over 50 people and had 39 rsvp's. Babe was a little concerned as to how everyone would fit but I assured him  it 'would all work out' somehow. Not to mention I was super excited to test out my recipe for Root Beer Float cupcakes and they were GREAT! I was super pleased with how they turned out. Thankfully I have a FAB friend who hosts shindigs often and had a few tables and some extra chairs that she was will…