Practically Perfect - delayed post

catch up post!

It has been a glorious week.
Our good friends, the Muhammad's, welcomed their first child - a baby girl into the world on Thursday.
She is beautiful.
My heart strings are being pulled in a most magnificent way.
But that's another subject.
We are so excited for them!
New life is always exciting and the timing couldn't be better.
New Mama Tenia celebrated her birthday the week before and lost her grandmother within a few days of that.
But with each loss of life comes a new one.
Welcome Baby Madison!!
I hoped to have a few photos but we didn't make it over there yesterday as they were just coming home from  the hospital and we wanted to give them some time to settle in and rest a bit.
Hopefully we will see them tonight as I made a delicious lasagna to make it a bit easier on them this first week home.

Yesterday though, my Sweet Pea and I were treated to a lovely outing by my mother.
Tickets to see Mary Poppins live on stage!!
I was pretty jazzed about it being that I love the movie.
Oddly Sweet Pea has never seen the original (what kind of parenting am I doing?)
but was excited none-the-less to see it.
She does love a good trip to the theater.

It was the last day and we were very excited to spend some time with each other after a pretty hectic week
The show was FAN-TAB-ULOUS.
Seriously one of the best musicals I've seen.
The kid was all smiles the entire time and truly enjoyed the experience which just makes my heart happy.

The day was 'practically perfect' in every way.

Up next on our list.....Westside Story!!

Can't wait!


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