make me over

with summer winding down and fall lurking just around the corner ( although from the 90+ temps we've been having you couldn't tell)
I'm feeling the need to change things up around the house again.
Re-decorrange things if you will.
I generally switch out pillows and make things a bit more cozy around September but this year I'm itching to get a little more.....dare I say drastic?
We have done a few things as far as creating a 'workspace' in the kitchen, bringing down a bookcase and re-arranging the TV/ couch set up but I want more.

Like color more.
Specifically an apple red.
I don't know what it is about this color right now that is practically screaming at me but I am fired up and ready to re-vamp some things!
We have this not so cute bookshelf/catchall thing in our entry way and I have been itching to paint it.
It generally houses our keys, the mail, magazines in the middle and games in the cabinets.

I'm also thinking about changing the knobs as they are atrocious and have no aesthetic appeal whatsoever.
I just haven't had the time to get to the hardware store and choose a color!
What a trip that will be!
Babe has already agreed to my hare-brained idea(sucker!ha!) I just need to make the time and get to it.
I also am thinking about painting this bookshelf as well to "co-ordinate" if you will.

I don't need to be matchy-matchy but I like the idea of pops of color around the room.
So it would end up looking like this:

Perhaps a lovely yellow would work as well to contrast?
However, I'm sort of afraid this will pigeon hole me into some kind of strict color scheme for the room?
gasp! the horror!
staying committed to a 'theme' is super scary. (to me) so not sure I want to go that route.
But I need to do something to make this room POP just a bit more and ensure its some place we all want to hang out in!
Any suggestions?


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