Long over due - the first year

I have been "writing" this post for almost a month! Normally it would take me no time to get back from someplace, post pics and get to writing but......things keep coming up.
And in all fairness to me - football is now back in session so my computer time is halved due to someone and their fantasy football obsession.
But I digress......
So we have been married for exactly one year!!
(Well one year, one month on Wednesday)
And it has been utterly, and without a doubt the best year ever.
We have grown so much as a couple over the past 12 months and things are only going to get better/more complicated/more interesting as we go along!
Now - I know you all don't want to hear about the mushy stuff right?
Y'all want to know about our Vegas getaway!
Well it was SUPER fun.
It was just the two of us and we had a rocking good time.
As you will see from the photos below we pretty much ate our way through the city.
And it was SO good.
We started our trip Friday morning - picked up the snazzy rental car (two door RED Altima) and hopped on the freeway.
Babe of course had the "master play list" - all songs from our dating years up to the wedding list and it was nice to just be able to cruise and listen to music.
While sometimes "singing" at the top of my lungs & doing awkward 'car dances' while he shook his head.
I love a good road trip and happen to think I'm a great car companion as I like to watch the scenery, speculate on the drivers all around us and make idle chit-chat.
road trip staple
Next thing I knew we were in Barstow and I ,of course, needed a potty break (read I wanted an ICEE) so we hopped off the freeway, made our stop, ran into the outlets real quick like and hopped back on the road.
The closer we get to Vegas the more antsy I become, by that point I've run out things to point out as there is NO scenery and the cars are either going super fast or wicked slow.
But the next thing I knew we were entering the city! Hooray!
We stayed at the Planet Hollywood Towers - one of the few non-smoking hotels in the city- and it was already a scene when we arrived. DJ playing in the lobby, pool party in full swing "kids" (read people younger than me) running amok with drinks in hand......
In a word.....I loved it.
We quickly hit the strip and headed to the "Lion exhibit" down at MGM and instantly our senses were overloaded with the lights, the sounds and all the "fabulous" people.

We watched the lions for a bit then walked back up the strip on the other side of the street to go see the water show at the Bellagio.
We also hit up Serendipity 3 for their famous frozen hot chocolate.
Totally worth the ridiculous price.

frozen hot chocolate. YUM
We went back to the room to "rest" ostensibly and spent almost an hour trying to decide where/ what to eat. By that time it was after 11pm. so we ended up at the 24/7 cafe at the Hard Rock where Babe had a delicious $5 steak and I had an overpriced but yummy burger.
The next morning we were up and at 'em by noon and headed down the strip to the Mirage to eat at BB King's Blues Club. YUMMMM.

fried pickles!

Fried dill pickles and baby back ribs that fall off the bone? Yes PLEASE!
We quickly headed back to the hotel as it was oh, a million degrees outside and I needed to get some pool time in before the sun went down!! (priorities you see?)

So Babe hit the casino and I hit the pool. Wow. What a study in social structure and mating.
Me and my 32 year old self claimed a lounge chair in the semi-shade and proceeded to watch the whole scene play out - but that is a whole different post.
Fast forward to that evening where the Hubs treated me to a "special anniversary dinner" - (read I had NO idea where we were going. only that it required him to wear a suit) AND a Cirque du Soleil show.
It was fabulous.
We dined on the 56th floor of the Palms Hotel at Alize.......ate the most amazing food and had a wonderful conversation about our life, our past, present and future.

Babe's lobster and tomato bisque

our "palate cleanser" a summer fruit sorbet

Babe's Waygu steak w/ a pinot noir sauce, broccoli au gratin, potato balls

MY filet mignon w/ a confit of potatoes and a cognac cream sauce

our chocolate souffle dessert!

There was even some hand holding and eye gazing happening. After dinner it was time for a show and after the show......well ya know. =)
We were leaving the next day , Sunday, and kicked the day off right with brunch at the Wynn. If you've never been I highly recommend it.

my dessert "options"

It's a bit like being at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory in that there is so much to look at and eat you don't know where to start!
But the food is a-mazing......totally worth the money.
After that Babe encouraged me to hit the tables ( I don't gamble, I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet) and I did.
When I do play, I only play roulette (I have a warped system) , black jack or the slots. So we hit the roulette table (min. $25 bet) and I placed two bets - black 24 and black and instantly won! I figured it was due to the fact that is was the 24th and our actual anniversary and black was a significant color in our wedding. Babe says it was pure "luck". I like my version better. And then I bet again & won, then again and won - he was incredulous. I only lost once and as soon as that happened I was done.
We were headed to cash out when he looked longingly at the craps table - I knew he wanted to play and have me roll so thats exactly what we did. I gave him the majority of my winnings and picked up the die.

winning! duh.
I guess I was on a roll (literally) as we picked up another couple hundred dollars there!!
As soon as I crapped out I was ready to cash out. We hit the slots one time and I picked up $11 and was ready to go!
All in all we had a FANTASTIC time together.
A much needed "lovers getaway" and I so enjoy hanging out with him. He's a pretty fun guy.
Think I'll keep him for awhile.


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