I'm not sure why I've been taking so long in between posts but it has been a minute since I've written anything.
I've been physically, emotionally and mentally stretched and stressed.
Working on getting it all back together.
My absence surely hasn't been for lack of things to say or topics.
It's just finding the time and energy after a long day to get it done.
Not to mention I've really just been hanging out w/ Babe & Sweet Pea in the evening's, trying to enjoy the last little bit of summer.
Although since we got FIOS about two weeks ago and Sweet Pea got a cable box in her room we haven't seen much of her.
 Before you start judging our parenting skills - she can only watch certain channels (thank you parental controls) and we've blocked her from buying any movies AND she's only allowed to watch for a certain amount of time.
It being summer we're a bit more lenient w/ the length of time she watches but in 3 weeks she'll be lucky if she gets in 30minutes!!!

We've also been doing some re-arranging of things around the house so that's been time consuming as well.
A lot of "hey Babe, do we need this in the house?" 
"Your college Biology & Physical Science book? Me thinks not".
So my "office" is pretty much a disaster area.
It's driving me nuts but I haven't had the time to really get in there like I'd like.....
I also have some "ideas" for making our home more "us" but once again.....time is a huge factor.
And then there is THE BBQ that is happening at the end of the month.
I've invited the whole world (or so my husband would like to imply) over to our house to celebrate the end of summer.
It's going to be EPIC I tell ya but there is a lot to do to prepare for it all!
So yeah - that's what's been going on in my world lately.
Not too much exciting but a lot is on the horizon......and I can't wait to share it all with you!!
Stay tuned.....


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