Family Ties

Happy Monday y'all!
What a lovely and ridiculously HOT weekend!
I know back it East it was nuts preparing for the hurricane but here out west we were going through a massive heatwave.
106 at my house on Friday. After 5pm. No bueno.
But somehow we managed to make it through.
Friday morning Sweet Pea went to go meet her new 4th grade teacher and see who was in her class.
She was super jazzed because all her favorite friends have the same teacher as her and Babe says her teacher seems "fair but firm!" (his words)
So that makes me a happy Mommy.
Today she starts 4th grade.
This makes me a sappy Mommy.
I can't believe my little Pea is now in the 4th grade!
Great googly-moogly! 
Where has the time gone?
I digress.
We had a great "last weekend before school starts".
Friday we stayed up late enjoying a family "movie night" (read: Babe & Sweet Pea stayed up, I passed out around 10:45)
Saturday was Family Fish Fry day.
Every year the Dorsey family(thats us + my in-laws + all of Babe's uncles and cousins)
hosts some sort of family function, be it a picnic or fish fry - we try to get our semi-reunion on as a group.
It's kind of rad because there are SO many Dorsey's both big and small that it's a trip to see how everyone has grown up over the years.

I personally love it because my immediate family is tiny compared to them and I like how EVERYONE comes out to enjoy each other and get their eat on!
And eat we do. 
Like nobody's business.
I'm talkin Las Vegas buffet style when we all get together and at one point I lost count of how many people were in the kitchen.

But it was great to see how much love goes into the food preparation. 
The festivities took place in Northridge (read: Hades) and we spent most of the day alternating between eating, staying cool and keeping the flies away from the food.
No major accidents occurred until late into the evening and we were all getting ready to leave; my niece bumped her head on the door (no swelling or tears just a sad face that was cured w/ some ice) and then I somehow managed to gracefully slice my toe by stubbing the crap out of it on the walkway.
In the dark.
I look down thinking "well there goes the nice paint job I just did" and lo and behold the shiny stuff I saw in the dark was actually blood.
So I hobbled back into the house to clean off my foot and get a band-aid.
Babe just shook his head like "how???" I just shrugged.
I'm genetically pre-disposed to hurting myself at random.
What can I say.
Minus that it was a FABULOUS day spent with lots of family, lots of food and many more giggles.

Can't wait until the next event!


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