and the beat goes take on the 2011 VMA's

Last night I really felt all of my 32 years.
Not that I'm not fully aware of how old I am or that I am actually "old" per se, but that I am officially out touch with a few things.
Let me clarify: for a long time I thought I was a hip young mom.
I knew all the latest music, most of the dances and who certain artists were.
In short my "cool" factor was still in effect.
That came to a screeching halt yesterday evening as Babe and I sat down to watch this years "2011 MTV Video Music Awards".
Like most of my generation, I grew up on MTV.
I remember when it first came on (or when I realized that it was there), what types of shows were on 
('Yo! MTV Raps' anyone?) , what VeeJay's were on when and certain videos that were deemed "too hot" for them to play.
I was MTV.
And it was great!
Finally a place that showcased the kind of music that I wanted to see/hear while exposing me to different genres that I may not have known about otherwise.
However, somewhere along the way- it changed.
It evolved and "grew" into something that I no longer recognized.
Now - they don't even play videos anymore.
No, there's MTV 2 for that.
It's definitely a horse of a different color these days.
But back to last night.
Babe and I sat down to watch a bit of the 'pre-show' as I do like to see 'what the kids are wearing these days' and about 15 minutes in - we both realized we had NO IDEA who half of these people were!
Sure I know Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus but hello, I have a 9 year old. 
Of course I do!
But some of these other kids....not so much.
But we forged ahead to the 'big show' and were shown with every passing moment one glaringly true fact: 
We are no longer MTV's audience.
Definitely more Vh1 than anything.
While we enjoyed a few performances here and there (Beyonce was too cute w/ the belly rub) we realized that this type of awards show is kind of beyond us.
We just aren't that kind of cool anymore.
And that's okay.
I mean I'm not upset about it, but it was an interesting realization to come to in the span of 2 hours that I will never get back.
I think, part of me will always enjoy awards shows as there is something entertaining about them, however, I still have NO clue who most of those kids are, nor will I ever and nor do I care.
I just don't need to be the ultra hip mom who knows exactly who every teeny-bopper sensation is on the radio, TV or elsewhere.
I'm totally comfortable being a *ahem* dare I say "middle-aged" mama who still likes her hip-hop and pop music but is not so engrossed in what Whiz Khalifa & Katy Perry are singing that she embarrasses herself.
No, I'd much rather embarrass myself while listening to Frankie Beverly & Maze, The Gap Band, or better still - while doing "The Humpty Dance".
Now, that's music I can relate to!


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