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make me over

with summer winding down and fall lurking just around the corner ( although from the 90+ temps we've been having you couldn't tell) I'm feeling the need to change things up around the house again. Re-decorrange things if you will. I generally switch out pillows and make things a bit more cozy around September but this year I'm itching to get a little more.....dare I say drastic? We have done a few things as far as creating a 'workspace' in the kitchen, bringing down a bookcase and re-arranging the TV/ couch set up but I want more.
Like colormore. Specifically an apple red. I don't know what it is about this color right now that is practically screaming at me but I am fired up and ready to re-vamp some things! We have this not so cute bookshelf/catchall thing in our entry way and I have been itching to paint it. It generally houses our keys, the mail, magazines in the middle and games in the cabinets.
I'm also thinking about changing the knobs as they are atroci…

Family Ties

Happy Monday y'all! What a lovely and ridiculously HOT weekend! I know back it East it was nuts preparing for the hurricane but here out west we were going through a massive heatwave. 106 at my house on Friday. After 5pm. No bueno. But somehow we managed to make it through. Friday morning Sweet Pea went to go meet her new 4th grade teacher and see who was in her class. She was super jazzed because all her favorite friends have the same teacher as her and Babe says her teacher seems "fair but firm!" (his words) So that makes me a happy Mommy. Today she starts 4th grade. This makes me a sappy Mommy. I can't believe my little Pea is now in the 4th grade! Great googly-moogly!  Where has the time gone? I digress. We had a great "last weekend before school starts". Friday we stayed up late enjoying a family "movie night" (read: Babe & Sweet Pea stayed up, I passed out around 10:45) Saturday was Family Fish Fry day. Every year the Dorsey family(thats us + my in-laws …

and the beat goes take on the 2011 VMA's

Last night I really felt all of my 32 years. Not that I'm not fully aware of how old I am or that I am actually "old" per se, but that I am officially out touch with a few things. Let me clarify: for a long time I thought I was a hip young mom. I knew all the latest music, most of the dances and who certain artists were. In short my "cool" factor was still in effect. That came to a screeching halt yesterday evening as Babe and I sat down to watch this years "2011 MTV Video Music Awards". Like most of my generation, I grew up on MTV. I remember when it first came on (or when I realized that it was there), what types of shows were on  ('Yo! MTV Raps' anyone?) , what VeeJay's were on when and certain videos that were deemed "too hot" for them to play. I was MTV. And it was great! Finally a place that showcased the kind of music that I wanted to see/hear while exposing me to different genres that I may not have known about otherwise. However, so…

Practically Perfect - delayed post

catch up post!

It has been a glorious week. Our good friends, the Muhammad's, welcomed their first child - a baby girl into the world on Thursday. She is beautiful. My heart strings are being pulled in a most magnificent way. But that's another subject. We are so excited for them! New life is always exciting and the timing couldn't be better. New Mama Tenia celebrated her birthday the week before and lost her grandmother within a few days of that. But with each loss of life comes a new one. Welcome Baby Madison!! I hoped to have a few photos but we didn't make it over there yesterday as they were just coming home from  the hospital and we wanted to give them some time to settle in and rest a bit.
Hopefully we will see them tonight as I made a delicious lasagna to make it a bit easier on them this first week home.
******* Yesterday though, my Sweet Pea and I were treated to a lovely outing by my mother. Tickets to see Mary Poppins live on stage!!
I was …
I'm not sure why I've been taking so long in between posts but it has been a minute since I've written anything. I've been physically, emotionally and mentally stretched and stressed. Working on getting it all back together. My absence surely hasn't been for lack of things to say or topics. It's just finding the time and energy after a long day to get it done. Not to mention I've really just been hanging out w/ Babe & Sweet Pea in the evening's, trying to enjoy the last little bit of summer. Although since we got FIOS about two weeks ago and Sweet Pea got a cable box in her room we haven't seen much of her.  Before you start judging our parenting skills - she can only watch certain channels (thank you parental controls) and we've blocked her from buying any movies AND she's only allowed to watch for a certain amount of time. It being summer we're a bit more lenient w/ the length of time she watches but in 3 weeks she'll be lucky if she g…