t-minus 2 days!!!

In 2 days I'll be 32.
32 years since my brother's life was forever changed.
15 years have gone by since I met my BFF Michelle my Belle.
13 since I met my husband.
10 since I found out about Sweet Pea
2 since I joined the wonderful world of "real grown ups" (aka 30+ crowd)
Its such an odd number, 32
so random.
For the first time in over a decade I'm not actually "doing" something for it.
Like really doing something.
Not just dinner with Babe & Sweet Pea.
But a full blown dinner party, shindig, bbq, fiesta extravaganza.
We are going to the Playboy Jazz Festival on Saturday and I'm super jazzed about it, but we are not having a party this year.
And that's a little bitter sweet.
Originally (as in two months ago) I was all for the idea.
Then we decided to go to Vegas for our anniversary, there was a baby shower last weekend, school is our this week, Father's Day is coming up.....so many things and just so few weekend!!
So, being uncharacteristically unselfish for a Gemini, I scrapped my birthday party.
In lieu of an anniversary extravaganza for two in beautiful Las Vegas!!!!!( in my game show voice)
I've resolved to more this summer with the family and hope that I can quench my  party thirst by having another MAYJAH BBQ blowout later on in the summer along with a few other "impromptu" bbq's......cuz y'all KNOW I like to entertain!!!
And I have all these FAB recipes for summer too??
Just you wait and see!!
32 is gonna be GOOD to me!


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