Some whine & a little cheese for Father's Day

We're finally getting out of the June Gloom doldrums here in So. Cal and all I can say is: "It's about time!"
Dang Summer weather!!
Where ya been?!!
This past weekend was lovely as ever.
Nothing major was on the books so it was ideal to keep it low-key.
Babe and I had both purchased Fandango tickets ($9 for two!!) from Living Social so we had "free" tickets for the movies and were in luck as we're on the 'Summer Movie Swing' and there's a bunch of movies we wanted to see.
Being it was Father's Day weekend, we let Babe decide the first movie ( Green Lantern) and compromised with Sweet Pea to see Mr. Popper's Penguin's . I was personally excited as I LOVED the book as kid and although the similarities were few, it was still a pretty cute movie.
Upon leaving the theater we were treated to a whole lotta little whine from Sweet Pea as she was not excited about her Father &I's dinner choice (Fat Burger) and was generally ornery in every way.
Not my idea of a fun kid.
As we arrived at Fat Burger the attitude continued. 
And as we finished eating (her burger laying untouched on her tray) she mumbles
"I just really wanted Chinese food".
At that point I'd had it as she started the day whining and I was not interested in her bad attitude.
Her dad was also less than pleased. Sigh.
The whole ride home she was chastised for her behavior and reminded how good her life really is.
After she went to bed that evening, Babe and I were flipping channels and found Storyteller's on VH1.
They were showcasing Maxwell
I about died.
I've been in love with him and his music since about 1997 and much of me & Babe's relationship was established by his music!
So we sat and watched it. 
 And proceeded to fall in love all over again. 
When he sang "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" and "Pretty Wings" and Babe put his hand over mine and we sat in silence (quietly singing slightly off key) listening to this man sing his heart out and have his music move us to our souls.......
It just made me smile.
It may be cheesy that we sat on the couch holding hands for the rest of the night but it made me happy.
Sunday of course was Father's Day and ostensibly would be spent with my father in some capacity but we broke with tradition a bit this year.
Our dear friend Ryan's house was in a fire almost 2 years ago and he's just now getting to move back in.
Imagine two years of not living in your own home.
Oy. I'm pretty sure I would go bananas.
Naturally, he wanted to have his best friends & their families over  for a bbq to celebrate.
So guess who got asked to make cupcakes for the festivities?
I've seriously made 100+ cupcakes in the last two weeks.
I'm a bit cupcaked out.
But- I thought about who I was making them for and why....and realized, these guys are A-MAZING fathers and work so hard for their families.

The least I can do is whip of some deliciousness to honor them.
AND I had recently found a recipe for Pink Lemonade I agreed to take on the task. (albeit somewhat begrudgingly)
The results were FANTASTIC.

I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but BEEP BEEP!!!
I kid you not they were nothing short of stupendous.
Oh my.

Yes y'all these are for sure winners and will be made over and over again.
Perfect for summer!
We ended the evening with the fellas playing dominoes and talking trash and then we headed home to begin the work week!
Good times, good friends and good friends = a stellar weekend to me!


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