I'm finally on the down swing of a very enjoyable birthday weekend and am taking a few moments to catch my breath!
What a wonderful week!
It began a little bumpy as I wasn't feeling so hot on Monday so I left work a little early to get some rest.
Tuesday found me baking mini cupcakes that Sweet Pea so lovingly volunteered me for, for her end of year party on Wednesday.
Wednesday I made, now infamous, Snickers Cupcakes, to take to work for MY birthday on Thursday!

Thursday I woke up to melancholy skies and a little bit of drizzle.
Definitely my birthday!
Went to work and was greeted by a "tropical oasis" at my desk!
Streamers, flowers and a giant tub of  'ready to freeze' Margarita Mix!!
 (minus the tequila - booooo)
As my "mafioso" of co-workers streamed in - each one brought something to add to my menagerie

A lei from J-Money, a balloon, Porto's pastries and a "classy" cup from Missy, Krispy Kreme from MG and more!!
I could NOT stop smiling.
My cup was full to bursting by that point and it wasn't even 10am!!
For lunch we went to my favorite spot El Cholo and thanks to one of my neurotic co-workers/friends (there was a spreadsheet involved) we had already placed our orders prior to arrival and were able to get our food right away!
In true mafioso style - we were even given a "private dining patio" to enjoy our party
(read: gesture & talk loudly)
It was pretty spectacular.

We ended the afternoon with cupcakes and laughter.
It was a GREAT day.
Back at home my dad came out to have dinner with us and also baby sit Sweet Pea for the next day (she was out of school) 
We hit up my one of my other favorite places P.F. Chang's for a delicious dinner.
After eating ourselves into oblivion Babe noticed there was a Verizon store in the shopping center.
He has been trying to get me into Verizon for weeks now to do 2 things:
1- updated my phone plan
2- check out the new phones since I was due for an upgrade and definitely over my blackberry (but clearly had no strong desire to remedy that situation)
Begrudgingly (on my part) we went over and were able to sneak in just prior to them closing.
30 minutes later we walked out with a lower monthly bill and a fancy new Droid Charge by Samsung!!! 
Technology at my fingertips!!
I am in LOVE with this phone!!
I have no idea how to work it all just yet but I'm learning.
Sadly I remember getting my very first cell phone almost 10 years ago and to see how far they've come........all I can do is shake my head.
So needless to say I was a happy Birthday Girl with my new acquisition!
Yaay me!!
Saturday we went to the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl with some friends (more on that later) and it was FABULOUS.
cannot say enough good things about it.
All around a GREAT birthday.
Much more chill than I am used to but still amazing none-the-less


  1. What a great birthday! Recipe for those cupcakes coming soon??


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