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Blog Sugar

So I'm linking up as I am SO excited to attend this year's Blog Sugar!!
I'm going!! Are you???
Last year was super fun and I met a bevy of wonderful ladies and have had the pleasure of working with so many of them over the last year!!
I know this event is going to be even more spectacular this fall, due to the number of attendees and all the fun things the organizers have planned!

I also love the fact that I actually KNOW some of these people in "real life" and am so excited to meet the ones that I've been cyber stalking for the past few months/years!
My friend Melissa and I are even planning on collaborating for a photo shoot giveaway so you DON'T want to miss this!

Some whine & a little cheese for Father's Day

We're finally getting out of the June Gloom doldrums here in So. Cal and all I can say is: "It's about time!" Dang Summer weather!! Where ya been?!! This past weekend was lovely as ever. Nothing major was on the books so it was ideal to keep it low-key. Babe and I had both purchased Fandango tickets ($9 for two!!) from Living Socialso we had "free" tickets for the movies and were in luck as we're on the 'Summer Movie Swing' and there's a bunch of movies we wanted to see. Being it was Father's Day weekend, we let Babe decide the first movie ( Green Lantern) and compromised with Sweet Pea to see Mr. Popper's Penguin's . I was personally excited as I LOVED the bookas kid and although the similarities were few, it was still a pretty cute movie. Upon leaving the theater we were treated to a whole lotta little whine from Sweet Pea as she was not excited about her Father &I's dinner choice (Fat Burger) and was generally ornery in every…

Totally Forgot

I was the featured writer over at The SmartlySoCal yesterday!!
I'm such a slacker but read my essay on my muses and their "Holiday"to find out why I haven't been posting as much lately!!
Leave me a comment and let me know how YOU cope when you're less than inspired!
'Preciate ya!

Jazz Fest

As I said here this was the first year in many that I did not host some type of party or event for my birthday. And while it did feel a little bit weird to not really be doing ANYTHING it was still a SPECTACULAR birthday. This year was definitely different as I wanted to do something a little outside the box. My original idea was to go to Temecula and do some wine tasting with some friends but, while talking to a girlfriend who's hubby's bday is two days after mine, she told me about how they usually go to the Playboy Jazz Festival to celebrate. I was instantly intrigued being that I had heard tale of it but had never personally been. Everyone I'd heard from always talked about what a great time they had and how much fun it was!! So I thought, "why not?" I like jazz, I like being outdoors and I like listening to music. I like people watching too. So back in April sometime I purchased our tickets and our other friends ordered their coordinating seats and it was on! Saturday…


I'm finally on the down swing of a very enjoyable birthday weekend and am taking a few moments to catch my breath! What a wonderful week! It began a little bumpy as I wasn't feeling so hot on Monday so I left work a little early to get some rest. Tuesday found me baking mini cupcakes that Sweet Pea so lovingly volunteered me for, for her end of year party on Wednesday. Wednesday I made, now infamous, Snickers Cupcakes, to take to work for MY birthday on Thursday!

Thursday I woke up to melancholy skies and a little bit of drizzle. Definitely my birthday! Went to work and was greeted by a "tropical oasis" at my desk!
Streamers, flowers and a giant tub of  'ready to freeze' Margarita Mix!!
(minus the tequila - booooo)
As my "mafioso" of co-workers streamed in - each one brought something to add to my menagerie

A lei from J-Money, a balloon, Porto's pastries and a "classy" cup from Missy, Krispy Kreme from MG and more!! I could NOT stop smiling. My cup…