royally entertained

whew! I am a whipped sister!
This past weekend we had the pleasure of watching two sweet young'ns and they wore your girl OUT!
As the mother of an independent, self-entertained 9 yr. old I was not at all prepared for what it would be like to have a 15month old and a 3 month old for 3.5 days.

Cute aren't they?
Yeah I was duped by those angelic little faces as well.
Sweetest little ones ever and I was happy to do a favor for our dear friends the Pierre's so they could celebrate their anniversary sans kids but I forgot about that whole babies and not-sleeping-through-the-night thing.
Fun for me.
Kingston (the oldest) was a great sleeper. Puts himself down when he's good and tired and I dig that.
Although  we didn't get a whole lot of "rest" for the weekend we had a blast "refreshing" our baby skillz.
It's been a while since our Sweet Pea was just a wee one and I realized a few things
1) I totally take her self sufficiency for granted
2) sleeping in on Saturday is a blessing 
3) my hubby holding a sweet little babe, chatting and making faces melts my heart.
So - our little "party of 5" hit two birthday parties in two days, watched a few movies and just kicked it with the kiddos. Loading up the car and trying to leave in a timely manner was an adventure in and of itself let me tell ya!
Good times.
Their parents came to pick them up Monday afternoon and I was excited to enjoy the rest of my day since the weather was so nice.
And well...yeah I promptly passed out on the couch.
Monday night our house was so quiet it was almost eerie. After all the hustle and bustle of the last few days it was a shock to the system and we found ourselves longing for the indistinguishable chatter of "royal boys".
Thanks so much Al & Monica for letting us keep the boys, Happy Anniversary to you all and we can't wait to have them over again!
Preferably when the little one is sleeping through the night.
I am definitely ready for my massage on Saturday.


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