It's almost time!!

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up quicker than I'd ever imagined it would.
Can you believe it's almost been a year since this happened?
I certainly can't. I spent most of 2010 wishing it would speed by and get to July and then it happened and now it seems like it was just yesterday!
We've been trying to decide how to celebrate for a little while, where to go (if anywhere) and what to do.
How do you mark one year of marriage, 13 years of friendship and 9 years as parents?
We tossed around many an idea.
Go back to Cabo? Try someplace new? Stay local?
We definitely didn't want to spend a ton as summer will be in full swing and it gets pretty busy with all the birthdays and family activities that happen.
And we did want to go somewhere
( my only requirement is that there is a pool so I can lay out and relax)
I wasn't too particular about where exactly so long as it was he & I for at least 3 days.
Well, the verdict is in and it's official!

Come July we're going to 
Whoo hoo!!
We love Vegas and since it's a few short hours from where we live it's the perfect choice!
We can do all the things we both love and still spend some quality time together!!
We actually haven't been there together since 2008 and we had a BALL then!
My one request for this trip is that we go see one of the Cirque Du Soleil shows and Babe agreed we needed to do something other than go out dancing since it would just be the two of us.
I'm so excited!!
I've already started planning outfits and he's researching hotel deals, fancy restaurants and show prices among a few other "surprises"!!
So looking forward to this trip!

But I'm curious - what does one give for the 1st anniversary?
I know "tradition" says that it's paper but what does that mean????
And how do you all celebrate YOUR anniversary???


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