3 days...

Finally a moment to breath and somewhat gather my thoughts!
What a week it has been!
This past week (leading up to Memorial Day) was a busy one if there ever was one as I was working OT for 5 days straight to get our productivity level to where it needed to be to have that extra day off work.
Sweet Pea left to venture off to good old Katy, Texas with my mom to meet her cousins for the first time.
She had a BLAST of course. After a minor 'kerfluffle" with the afternoon pick up from school, my mom got Sweet Pea on Thursday afternoon so they could head out to the Big T later that evening.
After an uneventful flight they arrived safely in Houston and were ready to play!
My dear cousin Damon, has a daughter that is 6 months younger than my Sweet Pea and the girls already talk to each other on the phone, however, they had never met so both were JAZZED about seeing each other face to face.
I happen to think my cousin is the bee's knee's so I was pretty jazzed about the kid getting some QT with him, his wife and kids as well. 
That just made my heart happy.
While the kid was off "visiting", me & Babe had a couple "dates" in the works.
Friday night we headed to his good friends 9th annual Gemini in White party as we do every year.
Babe's other BFF was flying solo as his wife is 6 months with child so guess who got to be Sober Suzy and chaffuer her hubby & his buddy around. 
Awww yeah....mmmhmmm.......that'd be me.
Of course  because the birthday boy is Babe's BFF we shut.the.club.down. and of course I had to be in Long Beach for 830am to get my hair done and of course we didn't get home until 3:30am.
However, I was smart and pro-active by taking a 5 hour energy ( well half of one) prior to our going out so I wouldn't feel like death warmed over come Saturday morning.
It worked too! 
Almost a little too well as I was raring to go by 8am that same day.
I made my appointment just shy of 8:30 and left looking and feeling fabulous with a brand new do'.
Grabbed some fries and went by my dad's for a bit, then quickly caught up with an old friend and headed over the hill.
By 6pm I finally crashed.
Babe and I ran to get some Chipotle and then cuddled up on the couch to clean up our DVR.
Sunday was a really relaxing day.
Finally got my sleep schedule back to "normal" so I was definitely more rested than the day before.
Spent the entire day just hanging out with my Babe. 
We decided to go to the movies and put to use the Fandango special we got from Living Social a few months ago. Two movie tickets for $9!! Score!
Who doesn't want to  go to the movies essentially for free????? Of course we ended up seeing more than one movie but I tapped out at going to see a third after having spent 4 hours in front of a screen. 
Kind of lame since I did really want to see the Hangover 2 but I have a feeling there will be another opportunity quite soon.
We ended up seeing Bridesmaids and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and enjoyed them both. 
Bridesmaids was pee-on-yourself-laugh-out-loud kind of funny whereas Pirates was just "okay". It was good but c'mon..... it's the 4th movie in a franchise of GREAT movies and it was just kind of  "okay". 
But that didn't put a damper on our day! Nope after the movies we headed on over to the local Fatburger and got our grub on!! It was so delicious I thought I was going to die. 
In fact, I'm pretty sure I was whimpering a bit and making happy food noises. 
Classy, I know.
We then headed home to cuddle up to a little Law & Order on the DVR and called it a night!
Yesterday (Monday) we puttered around the house as long as we could then gathered ourselves together to head over to the Muhammad's for some Monday Funday BBQing.
It didn't take the fellas long to start talking noise about who's the best "grill master" so it looks like we'll be hosting yet another grill- off this summer as well.
gotta work on the score cards and voting criterion before that goes down that's for sure!
And now we are back at it!
A few short days of work and then another bustling weekend!
Then next week.....My birthday!!! 

How did you spend your 3 days?


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