Weekend Edition

Why oh why does the weekend continue to fly by at lightening fast speed?
Seems like I wait all week for Friday and then the next thing I know, it's Monday morning!
This past weekend was pretty busy as usual but also kind of low key. Oddly enough.
Earlier in the week Babe's boss sprung on him that he was to go up north for one day of training " either Friday or Monday" (awesome) which meant we had to find someone to take Sweet Pea to school as his flight was leaving at 7am and I have to be at work by 7:30.
She starts school at 8:10. Swell.
Fortunately we were able to recruit my dad to sleep over Thursday evening and take the kid to school.
Oh and did I mention the battery in my car was being "funny" and died at the gas station?
Yeah so Babe had to go get a new one and change that, then discovered one of my headlights was out (who knew?) and then we get home and his car is acting funny.
Awesome. So he was up late tinkering with his car and had to get up super early (for him) to make his flight and my dad and the kid were left to fend for themselves.
We had planned to go out Friday evening to celebrate our good friends 34th birthday - had lined up my mom to babysit and everything - however, by the time we got home & ate on Friday neither one of us could keep our eyes open. So we did the grown up thing and passed out early.
Saturday was Sweet Pea's track meet. And once again we were up earlier than one should be on a Saturday and headed out to the local high school to cheer her on.
It was a lovely day weather wise but got super hot in the afternoon.Good thing there were snow cones to help beat the heat. I know must have a snow cone machine. STAT.
Unfortunately Sweet Pea wasn't feeling too great but she did her best and never gave up (how many adults can say that???) and went home happy with her ribbons. And Dippin Dots because doesn't ice cream make everything better?
Sadly I have no photos as my camera decided to take a "breather" and not function properly.....grrrr.... but oh well. there's always next year!
I had delusions of going out for my co-workers birthday Saturday night but passed out promptly after scarfing down several hot wings and didn't wake up until almost 9pm!
Sunday the kid and I ran errands while Babe watched the play-off games.......(Lakers what are you doing????)
Costco was crackin and had all the yummy samples out (champagne cheese? I say YES!)
so I had to get out of there in a hurry before I blew my budget.
We also hit up Target to get the kid a few "essentials".
Yeah $80+ later I still don't know what I bought!
Then as we were leaving I noticed they had a sign for Borders
"mix and match any 4 for $5"........I busted a U-turn as fast as I could and we spent the next 45minutes scouring the picked over shelves for some decent reading material.
$9 later we walked out pretty happy customers.
Came home for lunch and to watch 'Tangled' and fold laundry, then Babe and I watched 'Hereafter' (yawn) and then it was time for bed!
Even though it went by fast it was a great weekend - semi relaxing and the weather was AWESOME.
Now if only it could stay that way......

What did y'all do on your days off??


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