Impromptu Date Night

For the past few days it's just been me & him
Sweet Pea's on Spring Break and has been spending some QT with her Granna so we've been hanging tough since Sunday evening.
We missed her but I have to say it has been lovely.
Re-connecting and basically laughing ourselves silly.
We have so much fun together and he always puts things in perspective for me.
Monday I was a terrible wife and forgot to take out food for dinner (yikes!)
when I got home I presumed we would just have left-overs and I would cook on Tuesday.
But Babe surprised me by saying he wanted to go to Black Angus.
We had a coupon and everything so I went to look up where the closest one was.......9 miles and 15-20min drive (in traffic) away.
No dice.
So we ended up staying local and going to Roscoe's Famous Deli we've been once before and the food was GREAT.
It's the kind of place that gives you a bag of peanuts and encourages you to toss the shells on the floor, the drinks are big and the burgers even bigger.
All of the staff is incredibly friendly and constantly checking to make sure everything is great.
And it was.
I was on a date w/ my favorite guy.
On a Monday at that.
Clearly there weren't many folks in there at 6:30 on weekday so we enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner.
Well he watched the games over my shoulder while I regaled him with stories about my day.
After dinner we went home to watch Top Chef Masters and continued to crack each other up.
We event went to bed at the same time (a rarity since I get up at the crack of dawn and tend to turn in early).
The next morning after I kissed him good bye and he mumbled the same, I was puttering around downstairs and heard him walking around upstairs.
Figuring he went to the bathroom (tmi?) I thought nothing of it until I heard the bedroom door creak open and he shouted down " I love you."
After I recovered from the shock of his being coherent, I shouted back and went to work feeling loved and ready for the world!
Duly distracted and rushing I forgot (again) to take out something for dinner so we simply had leftovers as the Laker game was about to start.
We watched the game, I read for a bit and then we started watching NBC's "The Voice" as well.
We chatted well into the evening just shooting the breeze and it occurred to me at some point that this is what marriage really is.
Enjoying the moments we have together and really being present in them.
The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make daily routines mundane and well....routine but so long as we have moments like this where we stop, smell the roses and take time for each other I think we'll be just fine.


  1. you guys are SO adorable! i LOVE love!!

  2. Ah...this is so absolutely true! Smile. I love love. This is truly what marriage and also friendship is!


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