Growing Pains

Things are all over the place right now.
including my mind.
I have so much I'm trying to squeeze into such a short amount of time- it's a little bit ridiculous.
The last two months I've been running off of pure adrenaline it seems only for me to crash into a semi-hibernative state once I have a few precious moments of downtime.
And by crash I mean fall asleep at 8:15pm on a Friday, wake up and 11pm and go back to bed!
But amidst all the chaos (that I've created) I've gotten a LOT done, had some terrific ideas and actually followed through on them and some soul searching chats.
Growth is always such a process isn't it?
I've been doing a lot of growing lately.
Actually I'm finding that quite a few of my close friends are having 'growing pains' as well.
Trying to figure things and people out.
Where I am and where I'm going, what's really important and what can be allowed to fall by the wayside.
I had some time to myself a few weekends ago and it was great.
Not because I had the whole house to myself  (which never happens) but because I was able to do some quiet contemplation and actually complete a thought and process it before running off to the next task.
A rarity for an energizer bunny like me.
I am go, go, go, all the time.
Even when I don't mean to.
It's my nature I guess.
Fortunately I've been able to "talk out"  a bit of what's on my mind and try and get through and past these obstacles.
I'm realizing that I'm not the only one suffering from growing pains -a LOT of my girlfriends are also in a season of flux.
Funny how that works. I never really thought of my life as having "seasons" until recently and now - it's all I hear women saying.
Thank God we have each other to talk to and compare notes with.
Otherwise we might think we are officially crazy!


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