excessive much?

I have a problem.
Not a serious - life threatening one but a very real problem none-the-less.
I can't stop buying shoes.
(you can stop laughing now)
I have purchased 8 pairs of shoes in the last 4 months.

from L-R: Anouk (SS), Teeter (Hautelook), Kerries (SS ,Karla (SS),Kayla (SS), Frederica (SS); middle Dolce Vita for Target (black & gold)
It's only April. jeeze.
 Since January I have been on a shoe frenzy.
And I have no idea why I've been so compelled to focus on what's happening south of my ankles.
Part of it has to do with the launch of Sole Society -  the other part.....it's getting warmer and the shoes just keep getting cuter!
Granted 3 of those 8 pair were FREE(thank you Sole Society!)
Another one was on sale and the last one is my size.  For me, that is a sign I should have them.
And the others were all well thought out purchases.
Yes- I'm justifying but seriously - they are FIERCE! 
(My husband also told me that I "deserve a new pair of shoes every now and then".......shame on him).
The upside is that none of them are the same and like anything I previously own.
See? Progress. Especially since my father passed on his shopping theory to me.
"If you like it and it fits, buy it in every color"
Last night I posed the question on Facebook:" How many pairs of shoes is considered excessive?"
as I was quite curious as to what is going on in everyone else's closets.
As expected, the majority of the women said there was no such thing while the men decided anything beyond 2-5 pair was too much.
Say whaat??
I then counted all mine.
Including flip-flops (which really shouldn't count) I have 63 pair.
Yep. You read that right SIXTY THREE
Some might consider that excessive.
Others - not so much. I mean I'm not Imelda Marcos or anything.......
My blogging friend Charee Lenee is taking part in a shoe challenge to wear all her shoes over the course of the year and post them and possibly get rid of any that don't get worn. 
I think that's actually a great challenge and have been thinking about doing something similar.
But that would require me letting go.......and yeah......that's not happening.
I've already gotten rid of a few dozen pair when I cleaned out my closet a few months back so that was good
But I looked at Ms.Charee's shoe count and it's at 80!
I don't feel so bad about my 63.
But to be honest I LOVE shoes.
Really and truly love them.
I blame my god-sister for that.
She worked for Charles David when I was younger and always had a fabulous pair on and it only inspired me to follow in her footsteps. Literally.
I don't own a bunch of Louboutin's or Manolo's or anything of the sort (although a girl can dream right?) and I don't generally spend that much on my shoes (average price on the last few is $50) but I am obsessed.
I truly believe that shoes can make or break an outfit and as I've previously mentioned I'm sartorially challenged so I like to jazz up my "basics" with wicked hot shoes.
My basic uniform is jeans, a wife beater tank or v-neck tee and some killer heels.
Plain and simple
That and some snazzy eye makeup but that's a whole other post .....and really that's what I spend the majority of my money.
Makeup, shoes & jeans with the occasional sundress thrown in there.
That's it.
Not too bad right?

Did I mention I will be ordering a new pair tomorrow?


I think I may need an intervention.


  1. I got rid of a pair of red flats because they hurt and were dingy but it was hard to part with them. So now I'm on the hunt of another pair of red flats.

  2. Girl...when we lived in victorville...the ups man just opened my door and walked in so "I" understand....ashamed to say it but I have a issue with my feet too...haven't been wearing any of them since my ankles have issues but I have a serious collection...lol


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