Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Impromptu Date Night

For the past few days it's just been me & him
Sweet Pea's on Spring Break and has been spending some QT with her Granna so we've been hanging tough since Sunday evening.
We missed her but I have to say it has been lovely.
Re-connecting and basically laughing ourselves silly.
We have so much fun together and he always puts things in perspective for me.
Monday I was a terrible wife and forgot to take out food for dinner (yikes!)
when I got home I presumed we would just have left-overs and I would cook on Tuesday.
But Babe surprised me by saying he wanted to go to Black Angus.
We had a coupon and everything so I went to look up where the closest one was.......9 miles and 15-20min drive (in traffic) away.
No dice.
So we ended up staying local and going to Roscoe's Famous Deli we've been once before and the food was GREAT.
It's the kind of place that gives you a bag of peanuts and encourages you to toss the shells on the floor, the drinks are big and the burgers even bigger.
All of the staff is incredibly friendly and constantly checking to make sure everything is great.
And it was.
I was on a date w/ my favorite guy.
On a Monday at that.
Clearly there weren't many folks in there at 6:30 on weekday so we enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner.
Well he watched the games over my shoulder while I regaled him with stories about my day.
After dinner we went home to watch Top Chef Masters and continued to crack each other up.
We event went to bed at the same time (a rarity since I get up at the crack of dawn and tend to turn in early).
The next morning after I kissed him good bye and he mumbled the same, I was puttering around downstairs and heard him walking around upstairs.
Figuring he went to the bathroom (tmi?) I thought nothing of it until I heard the bedroom door creak open and he shouted down " I love you."
After I recovered from the shock of his being coherent, I shouted back and went to work feeling loved and ready for the world!
Duly distracted and rushing I forgot (again) to take out something for dinner so we simply had leftovers as the Laker game was about to start.
We watched the game, I read for a bit and then we started watching NBC's "The Voice" as well.
We chatted well into the evening just shooting the breeze and it occurred to me at some point that this is what marriage really is.
Enjoying the moments we have together and really being present in them.
The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make daily routines mundane and well....routine but so long as we have moments like this where we stop, smell the roses and take time for each other I think we'll be just fine.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely day.
We certainly did.
A trip to church followed by homemade brunch and a nap was just what we needed to start our week off right.
On a sad note while eating brunch I noticed I was missing a diamond out of my engagement ring.
I appropriately and promptly freaked out/ panicked and looked all over the kitchen where I'd been for the last hour, upstairs in the bedroom where I changed my clothes and nothing.
I'm so sad.
I know it was there earlier in the day but have no idea at what point it disappeared.
Despite friends high hopes that it will be found my gut is telling me it either fell down the drain or snagged on one of the 700 paper towels I used and subsequently tossed in the trash.
Not to worry, it's replaceable and perhaps if I'm lucky Babe will upgrade me for our anniversary in July.
You hear that hubby?????
I have to make jokes to keep from crying.
I really love my ring.
It's quite unique you see, it has 9 small diamonds in the center setting and my Gramma actually had a similar ring so you can understand the sentimental value.
Not to mention it's totally me.
Slightly traditional but once you take a closer look you see the uniqueness of it.
So there you have it.
To combat my loss I tried out a new recipe for dessert.
Lemon Burst Cupcakes (thank you Betty
and they were the bomb!
I had actually already planned to make these and spent a great deal of my evening yesterday searching for the elusive Lemon Curd while Sweet Pea and I were out.
3 stores and one conversation with my mother later I learned it would be in the jelly/jam aisle and Trader Joe's for sure had it.
Thanks Mom!
Saturday was 'beauty day' so Sweet Pea and I headed out to Long Beach to get our hair done and do some visiting.
We had a blast at the shop (as always) and then stopped by Dad's to drag him out of the house for some yummy Mexican food.
I swear, I think I could eat Mexican food at least 3 times a week.
In fact I probably do, but I digress.
We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and I was beyond stuffed for the rest of the night!
We finally headed back over the hill to our casa and settled in for a night of random TV watching.
By the time Babe came home I was still stuffed and me & the kid were winding down and rolling up our hair for church this morning.
Surprisingly it drizzled for a bit while we were in church and just long enough for me to catch an afternoon nap.
My mother-in -love stopped by for dinner and to pick up the kid as she's on Spring Break this week and will be spending a few days with her.
I'm super excited as well because we are having "Bring your Daughter to Work" day on Thursday and Sweet Pea will be with me all day!!
She's super jazzed about it as are my co-workers.
And then on Friday I'm going to get the "Royal Boys" Princeton and Kingston to baby sit the WHOLE weekend!
We're going to a birthday party for one of my co-workers daughters so that should be an interesting ordeal!
Me + 3 kids = comedy in the making.
Can't wait!!
How was your Easter?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Edition

Why oh why does the weekend continue to fly by at lightening fast speed?
Seems like I wait all week for Friday and then the next thing I know, it's Monday morning!
This past weekend was pretty busy as usual but also kind of low key. Oddly enough.
Earlier in the week Babe's boss sprung on him that he was to go up north for one day of training " either Friday or Monday" (awesome) which meant we had to find someone to take Sweet Pea to school as his flight was leaving at 7am and I have to be at work by 7:30.
She starts school at 8:10. Swell.
Fortunately we were able to recruit my dad to sleep over Thursday evening and take the kid to school.
Oh and did I mention the battery in my car was being "funny" and died at the gas station?
Yeah so Babe had to go get a new one and change that, then discovered one of my headlights was out (who knew?) and then we get home and his car is acting funny.
Awesome. So he was up late tinkering with his car and had to get up super early (for him) to make his flight and my dad and the kid were left to fend for themselves.
We had planned to go out Friday evening to celebrate our good friends 34th birthday - had lined up my mom to babysit and everything - however, by the time we got home & ate on Friday neither one of us could keep our eyes open. So we did the grown up thing and passed out early.
Saturday was Sweet Pea's track meet. And once again we were up earlier than one should be on a Saturday and headed out to the local high school to cheer her on.
It was a lovely day weather wise but got super hot in the afternoon.Good thing there were snow cones to help beat the heat. I know must have a snow cone machine. STAT.
Unfortunately Sweet Pea wasn't feeling too great but she did her best and never gave up (how many adults can say that???) and went home happy with her ribbons. And Dippin Dots because doesn't ice cream make everything better?
Sadly I have no photos as my camera decided to take a "breather" and not function properly.....grrrr.... but oh well. there's always next year!
I had delusions of going out for my co-workers birthday Saturday night but passed out promptly after scarfing down several hot wings and didn't wake up until almost 9pm!
Sunday the kid and I ran errands while Babe watched the play-off games.......(Lakers what are you doing????)
Costco was crackin and had all the yummy samples out (champagne cheese? I say YES!)
so I had to get out of there in a hurry before I blew my budget.
We also hit up Target to get the kid a few "essentials".
Yeah $80+ later I still don't know what I bought!
Then as we were leaving I noticed they had a sign for Borders
"mix and match any 4 for $5"........I busted a U-turn as fast as I could and we spent the next 45minutes scouring the picked over shelves for some decent reading material.
$9 later we walked out pretty happy customers.
Came home for lunch and to watch 'Tangled' and fold laundry, then Babe and I watched 'Hereafter' (yawn) and then it was time for bed!
Even though it went by fast it was a great weekend - semi relaxing and the weather was AWESOME.
Now if only it could stay that way......

What did y'all do on your days off??

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mafia....Mommy style

I'm a mom and am often surprised by the varying types of mom's and the kind of

Want to know more about the Mommy Mafia?

Head on over to the SmartlySoCal and check out my essay.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think?

Have you ever had an encounter with these women?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

excessive much?

I have a problem.
Not a serious - life threatening one but a very real problem none-the-less.
I can't stop buying shoes.
(you can stop laughing now)
I have purchased 8 pairs of shoes in the last 4 months.

from L-R: Anouk (SS), Teeter (Hautelook), Kerries (SS ,Karla (SS),Kayla (SS), Frederica (SS); middle Dolce Vita for Target (black & gold)
It's only April. jeeze.
 Since January I have been on a shoe frenzy.
And I have no idea why I've been so compelled to focus on what's happening south of my ankles.
Part of it has to do with the launch of Sole Society -  the other's getting warmer and the shoes just keep getting cuter!
Granted 3 of those 8 pair were FREE(thank you Sole Society!)
Another one was on sale and the last one is my size.  For me, that is a sign I should have them.
And the others were all well thought out purchases.
Yes- I'm justifying but seriously - they are FIERCE! 
(My husband also told me that I "deserve a new pair of shoes every now and then".......shame on him).
The upside is that none of them are the same and like anything I previously own.
See? Progress. Especially since my father passed on his shopping theory to me.
"If you like it and it fits, buy it in every color"
Last night I posed the question on Facebook:" How many pairs of shoes is considered excessive?"
as I was quite curious as to what is going on in everyone else's closets.
As expected, the majority of the women said there was no such thing while the men decided anything beyond 2-5 pair was too much.
Say whaat??
I then counted all mine.
Including flip-flops (which really shouldn't count) I have 63 pair.
Yep. You read that right SIXTY THREE
Some might consider that excessive.
Others - not so much. I mean I'm not Imelda Marcos or anything.......
My blogging friend Charee Lenee is taking part in a shoe challenge to wear all her shoes over the course of the year and post them and possibly get rid of any that don't get worn. 
I think that's actually a great challenge and have been thinking about doing something similar.
But that would require me letting go.......and yeah......that's not happening.
I've already gotten rid of a few dozen pair when I cleaned out my closet a few months back so that was good
But I looked at Ms.Charee's shoe count and it's at 80!
I don't feel so bad about my 63.
But to be honest I LOVE shoes.
Really and truly love them.
I blame my god-sister for that.
She worked for Charles David when I was younger and always had a fabulous pair on and it only inspired me to follow in her footsteps. Literally.
I don't own a bunch of Louboutin's or Manolo's or anything of the sort (although a girl can dream right?) and I don't generally spend that much on my shoes (average price on the last few is $50) but I am obsessed.
I truly believe that shoes can make or break an outfit and as I've previously mentioned I'm sartorially challenged so I like to jazz up my "basics" with wicked hot shoes.
My basic uniform is jeans, a wife beater tank or v-neck tee and some killer heels.
Plain and simple
That and some snazzy eye makeup but that's a whole other post .....and really that's what I spend the majority of my money.
Makeup, shoes & jeans with the occasional sundress thrown in there.
That's it.
Not too bad right?

Did I mention I will be ordering a new pair tomorrow?


I think I may need an intervention.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting to know YOU

Happy Sunday everyone!
Today I'm linking up with Keely for Getting to know YOU
*to play..just copy the questions..answer them..then go back there and link up*

the q's.

1. do you watch/read the news?
2. how would you describe your "look"?
3. did you play sports in high school or college?
4. would you rather give up lipstick/gloss or high heels?
5. what's your favorite show to watch on tv?
6. would you rather bake or cook?
7. shorts or skirts?
8. what's your favorite scary movie?
without further ado are MY answers
1. do you watch/read the news?
I read it online. Watching it on TV only irritates me and it seems the "news" these days is based off of Twitter topics & royal weddings.
2. how would you describe your "look"?
ever-evolving california casual.
3. did you play sports in high school or college?
I cheered in high school AND high jumped all 4 years. college my only sport was chasing boys ;)
4. would you rather give up lipstick/gloss or high heels?
that's like asking me to cut-off an arm!
I LOVE heels but don't wear them as often as I used to. working on that.
and we all know I am a makeup junkie so I can't really go without either.....sad.
5. what's your favorite show to watch on tv?
jeopardy or family fued. I love me some law & order as well.
6. would you rather bake or cook?
10 years ago I would've said bake hands down. but i've gotten more into cooking in the last few years.....but at the end of the day - baking somebody happy just feels good!
7. shorts or skirts?
skirts. easy and breezy.
8. what's your favorite scary movie?I dont really like them but I'd have to say the Scream triliogies. Simply because they are both scary and humorous. I am NOT watching anything that will give me nightmares.
See how easy and fun that was?
Link up and join the party!

Friday, April 8, 2011

right through you

Alanis Morrisette has a song called "Right through you" that I used to play the hell out of 
I see right through you
I know right through you
I feel right through you
I walk right through you 
She's basically telling some guy that screwed her over that he is so transparent and fake she can see right through him.
And I dug that.
But now, when I think of being transparent - and people being able to see through has a different meaning.
I want to be transparent.
Not fake or phony.
I want people to see ME.
The real imperfect, clumsy, odd-ball, foot-in-mouth, sometimes funny, genuinely happy, makeup loving me.
I don't want to put up a false front or be surrounded by pretense that allows people to draw conclusions based on a brief encounter.
No - I want people to see me. 
And I want to see them.
I want to know about them where they are, where they were and where they want to be.
I sometimes struggle with that though - seeing people for who they are.
I think we all do no?
We see what we want, when we want.
We take the obvious and apparent and twist it to fit our perceptions and needs of what we want others to be.
I am curious by nature (some people would say nosy....I  would disagree) and I like to know about people but I've found that people don't really want to give up any information!
What's that about?
I feel like I'm an open book and I've got stories to tell!
And who knows -maybe someone might hear one of my stories and learn from my mistakes or be able to relate completely, you never know.
That's one of the things that drew me to blogging - all of the many wonderful stories.
Annnd because I'm nosy curious it's always interesting to me to see how other people live and cope with the day to day issues that we are all plagued with and blogging allows me to do that - technically so does Facebook but that persona is not usually who a person really is and is therefore unreliable- but through the blog-o-sphere I have learned quite a bit about others whom I thought I "knew" and others I may never meet.
And I think the same can be said about me.
Having said that, I still censor myself on here.
And I wonder why.
At times it has been to "protect the guilty/innocent" or "protect someone else's feelings" but honestly- there is a part of me that is afraid of being balls-to-the-wall honest and open .(probably not the best phrase but I'm on a roll here)
I have to be honest.
I have to be true to what's in my heart and on my mind.
If I am to ever be some kind of "real" writer - I have to not be afraid to write my truth. 
Even if someone else may not "like" it. 
Even if they don't agree with it.
It's my story to tell how, when and where I see fit.
Now if it will cause damage to another that I love - then I might censor things a bit but honestly, I'm kind of tired of that.
I would hope that if you know & love me you will take my words for what they are and address them accordingly.
But I digress - basically , I'm interested in the world around me.
My family, my friends, co-workers and clients......I am a chatty Cathy for sure but not because I like the sound of my own voice or think that I'm so amazing but because I want to engage people into opening up and revealing their true selves to me.
Inherently I have a strong sense of intuition and can tell when someone is going through something, even if they deny it as we are most often want to do, but I hope that by engaging them in conversation, perhaps regaling them with a ridiculous tale from my youth, in turn they will be inspired and encouraged to be open as well.
I feel like that is my role in this life...well that and to make people laugh which I enjoy to no end....but that's a whole other conversation.

The point of this diatribe is simple:
everyone has a story to tell they just need someone to listen.
I'll be that for you if you will do the same for me.

Growing Pains

Things are all over the place right now.
including my mind.
I have so much I'm trying to squeeze into such a short amount of time- it's a little bit ridiculous.
The last two months I've been running off of pure adrenaline it seems only for me to crash into a semi-hibernative state once I have a few precious moments of downtime.
And by crash I mean fall asleep at 8:15pm on a Friday, wake up and 11pm and go back to bed!
But amidst all the chaos (that I've created) I've gotten a LOT done, had some terrific ideas and actually followed through on them and some soul searching chats.
Growth is always such a process isn't it?
I've been doing a lot of growing lately.
Actually I'm finding that quite a few of my close friends are having 'growing pains' as well.
Trying to figure things and people out.
Where I am and where I'm going, what's really important and what can be allowed to fall by the wayside.
I had some time to myself a few weekends ago and it was great.
Not because I had the whole house to myself  (which never happens) but because I was able to do some quiet contemplation and actually complete a thought and process it before running off to the next task.
A rarity for an energizer bunny like me.
I am go, go, go, all the time.
Even when I don't mean to.
It's my nature I guess.
Fortunately I've been able to "talk out"  a bit of what's on my mind and try and get through and past these obstacles.
I'm realizing that I'm not the only one suffering from growing pains -a LOT of my girlfriends are also in a season of flux.
Funny how that works. I never really thought of my life as having "seasons" until recently and now - it's all I hear women saying.
Thank God we have each other to talk to and compare notes with.
Otherwise we might think we are officially crazy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Featured Writer - The Generation Gap

Ever look at today's youth and wonder "what are they thinking!!? ARE they thinking?! What the heck is goin on??? " 
Well I do. 
Head on over to The and check out my thoughts on the Generation Gap and this latest batch of youngsters....
oh and tell me what YOU think?

Monday, April 4, 2011

wonderfully wicked

This past weekend Sweet Pea and I had the great pleasure of attending "Wicked the musical" in it's final run at the Orange County Center for Performing Arts.

I have been wanting to see this musical ever since it first came to L.A. about 5 or so years ago while it was at the Pantages Theater.
However, money and time being what they were - it was just never in the cards for me to see it!
And then it was too late as the production had left town.......
I was heartbroken but figured I'd get over it.
Then......... late last year, I heard a commercial on the radio that it was coming back!
But only for a limited time! Oh no! I HAD to get tickets somehow someway
And Sweet Pea wanted to see it too!
(I know -she's 9. A lot of it was a bit "over her head". But she REALLY wanted to see it.
She loves the theater like her mommy does.)
So I pleaded with my mother to get us tickets for the kid's birthday and boy did she come through! (thanks Mom!)
Two weeks after my Sweet Pea celebrated 9 in style - we got "fancy" for a night out at the theater!
She got her nails painted, hair curled and was allowed to wear 'lip gloss'.

I treated her to a quick bite at the Macaroni Grill 
(and I do mean quick, pretty sure I only had 2 bites of food as I filled up on bread quickly)
and then we made our way to the lovely Segerstrom Hall.
It was the last weekend of the play so the house was packed!
But we managed to make our way to our seats without stepping on too many toes and settled in for a wonderful show!
By far and away one of the best musicals I have been to.
And it lived up to all the hype and hoopla surrounding it.
For those who aren't familiar - Wicked is the story of what happened before Dorothy arrived in Oz.
In short- the tale of Elphaba ( the Wicked Witch of the West) and how she came to be.......Wicked!
Wonderfully written, funny, enlightening, great music & costumes and most of all:
GREAT singing. 
I do love a good musical.
It was a lovely evening and I can't think of a better way to spend a "birthday wish" with my kiddo.
Sweets, Nana (my mother) & Me - just three ladies out for an evening of fun.
The show began promptly at 7:30 and did not let out until about 10:50 , so you can imagine how "festive" Sweet Pea was feeling by then.
She knocked out before we even left the city of Costa Mesa and by the time we pulled in our driveway she was folded-in-half sound asleep.
Good times indeed.
Looking through the program for the OPAC we noted two more shows that would be coming to the stage soon:
 Mary Poppins in July and West Side Story in September !!
I die.
I L-O-V-E Westside Story - the movie- and can't even imagine the fun of it live!! 
And Mary Poppins would be just magical for the Sweets!

Clearly we're about to turn into major theatre geeks and that's fine with me.
Just don't judge when you hear me belting out 'Defying Gravity' slightly off-key.
I'm having a 'moment'.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fanciful Friday

TGIF everyone!
I've been a little off the map lately as there was a lot going on inside my head but it's Friday, it's a beautiful day in Sunny CA ( 80 degrees and counting) and there is no way I wasn't going to pull out Positive Polly today!!

So with that I have a few fancy things that I'd like to highlight:

  • Today is April 1st! You know what that means???? New shoes in my  Sole Society closet of course!
  • It's Springtime and beautiful!! Yaay!!
  • The Lakers had a sick victory over the Dallas Mavericks last night.  Five players were ejected, a coach was shoved to the floor, and a fan tried to rush the court in a wild scene. Best. Game. Ever.
  • Appropriately I am rocking my Lakers shirt to work today.
  •  It's Fresh Kicks Friday and I have on CAAAUTTE shoes! found 'em here:  Saved $45 on them too! whoo hoo!

  • Oh yeah and it's April Fool's Day! I already fell for this great one.......smh. But a BRILLIANT idea no?

 What's tickling YOUR fancy this Fabulous Friday???


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