Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Pea!!!

I am completely exhausted. So tired I can neither think or see straight.
Similar to how I felt on this day 9 years ago.
The day I met my little angel face to face.
I can't believe my "baby" is 9.
Time seems to have flown by yet I can recall every minute, every milestone.
Some with more ease than others.
My life changed forever that day.
I fell so hard.
Unequivocal love.
Entered completely uncharted territory.
And when I look at this little smiling face......
my heart bursts with pride.
I have never known a love like this.
She is my everything.
The reason behind the decisions I make, the actions I take and the things I pursue.
She is my JOY.
My Sweet Pea.

Happy Birthday my love.

She got her hair all done up Saturday morning, and then she celebrated with a small sleepover Saturday night , combined with cake & dinner on Sunday with our Famdamily.
My cup runneth over.
The girls had a GREAT time.
 (Mama is exhausted)
And it was such a treat to see how she's grown in this last year.
She has such a good heart and a generous spirit.
It makes me all teary eyed to see her with her hair all pressed out and curled up.
Baby "bombshell" hair as we call it.
Makes me realize she is no longer a "baby"

or even such a "little kid"

 but really on her way to becoming a young lady.

I can't even deal.
I thank God everyday for this wonderful little blessing.
This amazing reflection of my husband and myself.
She is one-of-a-kind and I am grateful she is mine.


  1. Love the "9" decoration on the cake. Did you make it??


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