Guilt free Shopping?? I say YES!

If you read this blog often you may remember The Great Shoe Debate when it came time to purchasing shoes for my wedding.
I wanted something cute, stylish and that wasn't going to blow my budget.
It took me forever to finally locate a pair that met all my requirements.
Too bad Sole Society wasn't around then.
As a woman who loves shoes but really can't afford to purchase the "lust-haves"
(you know the ones you see in a magazine and you sigh and swoon and then look at the price tag and fall out of your chair?)
Well for me and many other recessionista's Sole Society is the haven for all my shoe dreams.
The shoes are not only cute and of good quality but they are affordable - which for this workin mama means a LOT!
I don't want to feel guilty about treating myself to something nice and pretty that will make me feel good and Sole Society offers me all of that without the buyer's remorse!
(not to mention avoiding the reproachful eyes of my husband as he glances over the bank statement)
Their free shipping and easy return policy make it a no brainer, not only for me, but many of my friends and family.
And as someone who likes to branch out a bit with their shoe game .....the selections are divine!
As I've stated sartorial tastes are somewhat lackluster but my love for cute shoes is not - but the great thing about this site is that they offer a look at how to style your new shoes so you stay on trend without looking like you're trying to hard!

For example: 

I'm dying for these blue Anouk shoes!!!

already ordered these grey numbers! - Babe approved!
so cute and I hear they're comfy to boot!

 If you're anything like me then you can fully appreciate someone giving you options and ideas for how to 'style your look'.
I would actually wear all three of these looks as they speak to my "Feminine, Bohemian, Trendy" personality style.
I like to be comfortable and cute and have no qualms about rocking a simple tank and jeans with some KILLER heels to spice things up.
In fact, that's one thing my Babe digs about my "style" - I still look 'normal' from head to ankle but south of my's a party y'all!

So if you haven't already signed up
(really???? what's stopping you? it's FREE to join!)
Click HERE and be one step closer to fierce footwear!!

I've already bought two pair and am going to go ahead and treat myself to two more!!!
No guilt here!


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