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Shameless self-promotion

I don't have "sponsors" for this blog but from time to time I do plug certain brands or businesses simply because I like them. Not because they are paying for ad space or have given me kick backs. Not saying that I'm opposed to that ( Hear that Target , Nordstrom , Smashbox and M.A.C ??) But having said that I have to do some shameless plugging for ME for once! Many of you know that I am a makeup artist in my "spare time" and have been honing my skills for the better part of the last decade.  Well this year I plan to take my business to a whole new level and that's where YOU come in! So please go to Facebook (you're going to check it in 20 minutes anyway if you're not already logged on)   and "Like"my business page  SweetEmotionsMakeupArtistry    feel free to recommend to all your friends as well!!!    About Sweet Emotions : Sweet Emotions Makeup Artistry  was conceived by Amber Dorsey   in 2007 and inspired by her love of makeup a

late nights, long talks

Oy. What. a. week. I am completely spent. But in a good way I guess. My week/weekend has been full of laughter, love and talking. Some of my favorite things. Last week was my "baby's" 9th birthday and I have been kind of an emotional wreck ever since. My BFF Michelle called to tell me that she would actually be out here on her birthday to deal with some family things and we made tentative plans to get together Monday evening. Monday came and went w/ no phone call. Tuesday I text her and received " my dad is on his death bed". My body went numb. She left back to CT that Wednesday and I knew something had happened. Thursday morning Michelle called to tell me that her Dad had passed away . I've been kind of numb ever since. I can't even fathom the void she must be feeling. We were playing phone tag all weekend and I wasn't able to catch up to her until this past Thursday when I found out not only was she back here....but the funeral was on Friday and i

Featured Writer: Social Skillz

***oh goodness apparently the link below didn't work yesterday!! sorry about that!**** Hey Everyone - Head on over to TheSmartlySoCal where I'm today's featured writer! Today's topic - Social Skillz : an ironic at look how social networking has evolved . Please leave a comment and tell me what you think or what your experience was like as a child!

Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Pea!!!

I am completely exhausted. So tired I can neither think or see straight. Similar to how I felt on this day 9 years ago. The day I met my little angel face to face. I can't believe my "baby" is 9. NINE. Time seems to have flown by yet I can recall every minute, every milestone. Some with more ease than others. My life changed forever that day. I fell so hard. Unequivocal love. Entered completely uncharted territory. And when I look at this little smiling face...... my heart bursts with pride. I have never known a love like this. She is my everything. The reason behind the decisions I make, the actions I take and the things I pursue. She is my JOY. My Sweet Pea. Happy Birthday my love. ********** She got her hair all done up Saturday morning, and then she celebrated with a small sleepover Saturday night , combined with cake & dinner on Sunday with our Famdamily. My cup runneth over. The girls had a GREAT time.  (Mama is exhausted) And it was such a treat to see how s

Guilt free Shopping?? I say YES!

If you read this blog often you may remember The Great Shoe Debate when it came time to purchasing shoes for my wedding. I wanted something cute, stylish and that wasn't going to blow my budget. It took me forever to finally locate a pair that met all my requirements. Too bad Sole Society wasn't around then. As a woman who loves shoes but really can't afford to purchase the "lust-haves" ( you know the ones you see in a magazine and you sigh and swoon and then look at the price tag and fall out of your chair?) Well for me and many other recessionista's  Sole Society is the haven for all my shoe dreams. The shoes are not only cute and of good quality but they are affordable - which for this workin mama means a LOT! I don't want to feel guilty about treating myself to something nice and pretty that will make me feel good and Sole Society offers me all of that without the buyer's remorse! (not to mention avoiding the reproachful eyes of my husband a

Featured Today - Trainspotting

I'm today's featured writer on TheSmartlySocal I'd love it if you popped over , checked out the essay and left me a comment on today's essay: Trainspotting :   one woman's journey on public transportation Tell me what you think about public transportation in this time of ridiculously high gas prices!!!

Rocked to the core

credit: Google images Awhile back I mentioned wanting to go see Tyler Perry's adaptation of the famed stage play "For Colored Girls" with a bunch of girlfriends.  For whatever reason - that never happened and Sunday night was my first time viewing it. Sigh. I am forever changed. I admit I was a bit skeptical at first as I heard /read mixed reviews and comments from friends. I've also seen the play several times and read the book adaptation in college as well and am a HUGE fan of Ntozake Shange - the author. Her words (to me) are like music and seem to dance off each page so I was unsure of how Tyler was going to reproduce that because the play is comprised of monologues/tales  from each of the 'colored' women. I even have a few of them committed to memory as I helped a college friend learn the lines when our school was putting it on and the words were so strong they have since remained with me. ****A brief synopsis from Wikipedia:****** Structurally, Fo