some kinda way

I've been in kind of a weird place lately.
Feeling some kinda way.
Not necessarily in a funk but more like a transition?
A lot is weighing on my mind and as much writing as I do, some of it just can't/shouldn't be posted
and some of it......(shakes head)
well sometimes a girl's just gotta 'run her mouth' a bit ya know?
So I did what every smart woman does.
I called my nearest and dearest.
And I have to say......I have some of the best friends.
My girls are so different and they all bring a much needed element to my life in some way.
Some are the perfect ones to go to for advice, some just for a laugh, some to vent and others to pray.
They are all great friends to me and each one means so very much.
I feel so blessed to have them in my life.
Especially considering the losses that have occurred over the years.
Friday I started with a good heart to heart with my girl Michelle - she happened to be just getting home and the kiddo's were already down so we had ourselves a lovely girl chat for about 2hrs. about absolutely everything under the sun from following our dreams to baby #2......
She soothes my soul.
No matter what she gets me.
Sunday it was my girl LaShaunda ( well truthfully that was Thursday night too)
She allows me to vent and vice versa and cracks me up in the process.
She makes me feel less crazy at this thing called wifedom/motherhood and always manages to put things in perspective.
This morning my girl Pie was up at the same time so we got our early morning chit-chat on.......
felt so good to catch up and get out my feelings!
I have been a mess!
All bottled up with no release.....the words just came out rapid and nonsensical but she felt me anyway!
Then this afternoon - my girl Amber got our text on......she is like a salve for my spirit.
Always the right thing at the right time.
She was placed in my life for a reason and I am so grateful for it!
These four women combined have helped ease my mind so much in the last few days/weeks/months.
And on Saturday I get to see my girl Ebony and Amber in person!!!
I have been craving some comraderie and conversation and I think this is just what the doctor ordered!

So thank you my loves, for letting me talk your ear off, nurturing my spirit, laughing at my jokes and being such wonderful friends!!
You all make my life that much more fulfilling because you are in it!!


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