Shoes Glorious Shoes!!!!


There is a new oh-so heavenly destination in town for the shoe obsessed woman.
Sole - a new site that features a personalized selection of shoes each month of for $44.95 with NO obligation to buy!!!
Designer quality shoes at a reasonable price will give you a reason to shop each and every month.
The shoes, by Marco Santi, are on-trend, affordably priced and incredibly chic!
Even if you weren't into shoes will be now!!

(here's a sneak peek at this months' shoes.....shhhhhh)

I've already picked out MY first pair.....can you guess which ones they are???
I'm beyond excited about this launch as I've been able to see this website take shape first hand and cannot wait to hear and see all the feedback it's going to get!
The site has some very cool features such as Trends &Fashion Insiders  sections which offer suggestions and pictorials on what to wear pair your shoes with as well as a little insight as to what's hot NOW.
And Did I mention there's FREE shipping???
No more feeling guilty for blowing all your money on ONE pair of 'so-so' shoes.
So come on and sign up as soon at it goes live to the public.

 Ladies your shoe game is about to be forever changed.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more info throughout the coming weeks!


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