Love is in the air....

T.G.I.F y'all!!!
It has been that kind of week and I am so looking forward to this weekend!
We have some fun things planned as a couple and as a family that I'm pretty excited about.
First thing tomorrow morning, the Sweet Pea and I are off to the LBC to "get our hair did" as it's that time for both of us.
And I get to see my girl Ebony and chat it up while she makes me look snazzy.
Sweet Pea also has another loose tooth and is hoping it comes out tonight.
Teeth gross me out so I hope it's while she's with her Nana.
After the hair salon I'll drop her off with my mom for their girls weekend and then head over to my dear Amber's for some QT.
Definitely jazzed about that ( insert happy dance w/ jazz hands)
Then I have to hightail it back out to my neck of the woods and get 'spiffy' as I have a hot date with my husband.
Awhile back we got gift cards to Roy's and we fully intend to take advantage of the 'free food'.
Have you all been?
 Babe's never been so I can't wait to introuduce him to Hawaiian fusion!
It's quite delicious.
Sunday some local family is coming over for a pre-Valentine's dinner and I'm making her lasagna and some kind of yummy dessert.
Today was Sweet Pea's Valentine's party at school (they don't have school Monday)
 and she cleaned up....candy wise....
She'll be spending the weekend elsewhere so Babe and I treated her to Johnny Rocket's for dinner where he then regaled me with stories about work that had me LOLing so loud others turned around.
And can I just say that when I write LOL I am actually the goober that's really laughing out loud?
Hard too. I love those moments.
We don't generally do a lot for V-day and since it's a Monday & work day for us we will be keeping it low key w/ some yummy dinner and perhaps a little sparkling cider to keep it festive?
Our house has been decorated for quite some time so that's all taken care of.
I actually have a backlog of blogging & picture posting so be on the lookout for that in the next few days.
Our famdamily has been quite busy lately and I have been beyond exhausted so it's been hard to keep up.
Bare with me and ye shall have some fun photos of our recent activities and finds soon!

Do you all have anything fun planned for the weekend?


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