Lakers, Lasagna, Lemon Cake and Loved ones......Sunday Love

"Let us not love [merely] in theory or in speech but in deed and truth..."

1 John 3:18

Love is all around us and I make a concerted effort to not only speak of my love for others but to show them as well.
The past few days have been kind of a love fest around these parts.
Saturday I woke up (rather early I might say) to a beautiful sunny California day.
A perfect day to head to my hometown (the LBC) with Sweet Pea and go get our pretty on.
The weather was lovely and as we cruised down the highway  with the music blaring and singing along to the radio it seemed all was right with the world. 
We went and got our hair done and then spent a lovely afternoon with my dear friend Amber.
Boy- was that a great, soul baring , heartfelt, self-discovery filled conversation!
I love that woman. 
She is ......well really....there are no words but to simply say she is so good to and for me.
Then it was off for a date night with my hubby. (smile)
We went to Roy's and had a mediocre experience with the dinner service and meal  at that particular location 
(I have been to others and it was always yummy)
but the chocolate souffle was divine! 
Kind of made up for the sub par eats.
You would think a night without the Sweet Pea would have us living it up until the wee hours.
Not so much. At home and in bed by 11:45.
Cuz, we're cool like that.
Sunday -
Ahhh....sweet sweet Sunday.
Sunday was a full blown Love Fest at my house.
Woke up with a smile on my face a pep in my step.
We had invited a few family and friends over for dinner and needed to run to the store to get the necessary ingredients.
On the menu
BBQ Bacon Jalapeno Poppers
Main Course:
Caesar Salad
Garlic Bread
Locally World Famous Lemon Cake

Yeah. You read that right. 
Locally world famous....don't is what it is. 
So,after my grocery run, I was pretty much in the kitchen from 1:45ish until about 7pm.
A veritable whirling dervish of activity.
Boiling noodles, washing lettuce, stuffing jalapenos and baking.
It was labor of love as it always is when I decide to make a menu like that from scratch - impromptu style.
Don't get me wrong - I knew I had this dinner planned and was very much looking forward to sharing some laughs and breaking bread with our famdamily.
But somehow I always underestimate the amount of things I can do as one person.
Thank goodness I have the best husband ever, because even though the Lakers were playing he was kind enough to be my sous chef and handle 'dirty work' for me.
(read fine chopping the herbs)
I tried a new recipe for Lasagna - and am rather pleased with the way it came out.

Babe invited another of his friends families over to get a "re-match" in Monopoly.

Talk about comedy!
The level of competition is intense and these guys are not playing around at all when it comes to winning.
By any means necessary.
It's a little scary. If not equally hilarious.

Grown men......all I can do is shake my head.
So we fed everyone and then proceeded to nosh on  what is usually known as my "locally world famous lemon cake" although yesterday it was ' the ugliest cake in America' - the top got stuck to the bunt pan and it came apart a bit while frosting.

Yeah. Not pretty.
But it sure was tasty!

It was another Soulful Sunday spent loving on my family with good company and delicious eats and it just made my heart happy.

What did you all do this weekend?


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