January backlog

Here it is  the end of February and I somehow never got around to writing about some of the January fun!
what the heck?!!!
so here goes....... the last few weekends have been a whirlwind of activity.
We are about to enter what I like to call "the birthday season" and January is the kick-off!
(side bar - I made a 'master birthday list' and discovered that between 5 families we have 28 birthdays/year!!! that's not including the new additions that we are expecting this year!)
We started the month of with the celebration of the birth of the Prince and then his brother the King had his first birthday a mere two weeks later.
Then the 28th was "Game Night" hosted by our good friends the Muhammad's for Muji's birthday.
We hit the door with Jell-O shots in one hand and guacamole & salsa in the other ready to put it down in Taboo, Monopoly and Connect Four! (one of MY favorite games)

Tenia (Muji's wife) had games everywhere for all age groups and there seemed to be folks coming out of the woodwork!

We had a blast watching the fellas play Monopoly and then it was time for Taboo!

We play this game often and we generally play boys against girls which always makes for an interesting ride home later and this game was no exception.
The women were kicking butt , as usual, and then it was Tenia's turn and as she gave her clues everyone started shouting out answers and then she got to her final clue:
(watch the video to see it all go down live)

Omg!! what exciting news!
And totally cute way to announce it to all of their friends and family!!

(side bar: notice I was the only one to get the clue??? yeah, I have a wicked sixth sense about pregnancies and what the sex of the babies so I had a feeling someone was pregnant and I knew it wasn't me......)

Congratulations Muji & Tenia!!!
We wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy and can't wait to meet your new addition!
(now you can understand why I've had babies on the brain!)
The fellas then went outside to celebrate in their own fashion
this was the last I saw of my husband that evening.
While the ladies got down a little more delicately

The following day, Sweet Pea and I headed to the baby shower of a dear friend of mine, Elisa,  from my BCHS days to celebrate her first child.
They aren't finding out the sex and have been calling the baby "Peanut" so the theme was pretty much Popcorn & Peanuts.
So cute! And there was food everywhere!!!
Sweet Pea and I ate ourselves silly and then she preceded to get her face painted and have ridiculous balloon animals made for her.

I was so excited to catch up with Elisa and her hubby Britt.
They are a wonderful couple and I can't wait to find out what they are having!
yes that is the dad-to-be swaddling a coke can

Elisa & me
I was also able to catch up with a few other high school friends so that was nice too.
I've known these women since I was 12 so it was pretty fun to see how much we've all grown in the last few years.

Shanna, Elisa, Amy & Me
  Congrats to all the new parents with babies on the way!
2011 is going to be a BIG year!!!


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