Happy Valentine's Day

To all the lovers out there!!

Whether you are in love with your spouse, your boy friend, your best friend or your kids.
Tell someone you love them today.
And then SHOW them.
I plan on doing just that for my loved ones today.
Yesterday I loved on everyone via the time and energy I put in preparing our yummy dinner and dessert and while it was a long process it was for sure a labor of love.
The look on everyone's face said enough while the clean plates and mouth noises convinced me the food was a hit.
My cup runneth over.
And today after a yummy "re-mixed" dinner Sweet Pea goes to bed, Babe and I will share a quiet moment or two.
Strawberries and Rose` anyone?
I'm pretty excited.
And to put a cherry on top of it all.......the government sent us money!!!
(tax return for anyone who's confused)

My cup runneth over these days and I want to share it with everyone.

What are your V-Day plans?


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