Focusing..... a poem (cicra 2000)

Out of the darkness
inspired by "the light"
like water for chocolate
I FOCUSED my sight
bright as the sun and clear as the skies
I can look into your eyes and tell
we're underneath the same spell
mesmerized by each other
time and again
consistently glad we're more than 'just friends'
being able to reach out
and knowing that you're there
kissing you whenever as an indication that I care
common knowledge we share
never mattering where we are
spending continuous days
chronically blazed
not giving thought to the number of passing days
but I remember clear as yesterday
looking into your eyes
after experiencing the ultimate high
a real life roller coaster ride
venturing to the top of the world and back.
Letting you know I like it like that.
joining together
 hand in hand
soul to soul
our bodies melt away and our hearts become whole.
and ever since then Baby it's been you and I
much better friends than before having finally recognized that it was LOVE
that I  constantly saw in your eyes....


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