Celebrate good times c'mon!! - weekend wrap up

Ahh the weekend!
This was the first time in a few weeks that I've actually been able to be still and not running around like a crazy person.
And possibly the last for another few weeks as this next month is shaping up to be quite busy.
Saturday I was able to sleep in a bit and then lazed about with my Sweet Pea.
I even had the audacity to take 2 naps!! Can't remember the last time that happened.
I think it was college.
I was feeling kind of blah and was enjoying laying around the house but managed to rally and get it together in time to go pick the birthday girl Ms. Ebony for her Ladies Night celebration.
Last night I had the pleasure of hanging out with some lovely ladies in honor of one of my bestgoodfriends - Ebony.
Not only is she one of my closest friends , she's also my hair stylist and an all around amazing lady so I was happy to rouse myself out of the laziness of the day and get a little jazzy to go out and celebrate her!
We ended up at L.A. Live for dinner & drinks (rather appetizers cuz it was on the late side)
as she had never been down there.
So there I am on a Saturday night and about 3 blocks from my job!
Haahaha! It was great.
 However, we realized we were officially old as it was FREEEZING out and we all had on jackets and scarves in comparison to the young tenders out runnin around without 'nary a coat on!
Oh well.
We giggled a LOT, gossipped a little and generally had a good time.
Quite familiar with the menu at Yard House having spent many a happy hour there I promptly made a bee-line for the bar and ordered her a Strawberry Fields martini which she happily enjoyed.

There was random entertainment by the way of two boys at the bar w/ lovely accents and a Sasquatch in the bathroom.
Not even kidding this chick ( ?)- not really sure she was a woman- HAD to be about 6'5" as her behind was up to my head!!! I'm 5'4" but had on 3.5 inch heels!
It was awesome!
We finally rolled back to her place about 3am (wayyy past our bedtimes) and discovered her car was FROZEN!!!

Good times with great company and so happy I got to celebrate her special day with her!!

Love you Eb!!

Today was pretty chill.
I slept in again and awoke to the sound of Babe talking and couldn't figure out who he was talking to until, I peeked out the door and found him and Sweet Pea on the couch where he was explaining basketball to her!
so cute!
Had a nice chat with my brother and  then my sister-in-love Ganell and then my father-in-love stopped over for a yummy dinner of
Blue Cheese Butter Filet Mignon, Mashed Potatoes, a fresh salad and Artisan Rolls
topped off with Yellow layer cake with Chocolate icing.
(my Babe's fave!)
I did manage to catch the red carpet of the Oscar arrivals before I was kicked out by the hubs and his dad so they could watch the A-team but no worries, I recorded it upstairs so I can watch it at my leisure (and fast forward)
In a few minutes the kid will head off to bed and the hubs and I will watch "For Colored Girls" and my weekend will be complete!

What did you all do this weekend?


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