baby, baby, baby,baby...

It goes without saying that I've had babies on the brain as of late.
I've written about my baby fever here, here and here.
 And,  recently it's been taken to new heights because we are really doing this.
Like really 'trying' for a baby.
Is that TMI????
Too bad - it's the truth.
We are. And we're excited.
There have never been so many babies in the family as what we are looking forward to in the coming year.
The wife of one of Babe's BFF's is 3months along (more on that later), our other friends (the Pierre's) had their Prince this past January and here we are......shooting for number two.
And you know what?
Getting pregnant is HUGE.  (pun intended)
There are fifty-eleven-thousand things that can go wrong prior to conception, at conception, whilst carrying a baby and once the baby arrives.
My dad (the retired OBGYN) says that anytime a baby is born healthy and with no complications is a miracle.
It's enough to make a girls head spin!
Or at least fall into an information overload induced state of shock.
Fortunately I have really great girlfriends who are super supportive and helpful.
They answer my questions, entertain my 'what if's' and just generally keep me positive, focused and grounded.
So I'm excited to be on this journey.
I know it will be so different from our experience being pregnant with Sweet Pea - the drama, the uncertainty and the fear......all of that is different.
Now, I have a better handle on what's going to be happening, should be happening and the fact that this is planned.......well that definitely changes things.
This is a whole new ball game for me but I am a willing and active participant and anxious to see where this all goes.....
Not to mention we are having fun with this whole "trying" process! =)


  1. Good luck to you guys...i'm so happy you guys found each other's hearts again and now want to expand your family!

  2. How exciting!! I pray that all will be well! Have fun during your "trying process"! :)

  3. Good Luck! Go for it!! What cha want a boy or another beautiful girl?

  4. Here's to you...and the trying (of course), the hoping (such a pristine, wonderful feeling), and the success (even through your natural concerns). Such a blessed time in life to be thinking of and creating new life with someone you love. Nothing like it...


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