What I whipped up Wednesday

Happy Hump Day y'all!

I'm linking up with Kimmie over at Sugar & Dots today.

If you haven't already go check out Kimmie's blog
It's a super cute discovery I made through my friend Rachel and I've been skulking around for a few months enjoying her posts but this is my first link up!
Usually I'm "in the middle" of a project when she hosts this or don't even have one on the horizon but this past weekend was rather inspiring so I created some Valentine-y type things!
First up was this jazzy topiary I found on The Idea Room

Mine's not as big as hers but it suits my space just fine and was so easy to do!
I then busted out my trusty Cricut - seriously this thing has been the best gift to myself!
and created a L-O-V-E banner with some wooden letters, a little glue and a little paint and voila!

I got so excited over how cute it looked I made one for the mantle as well!

We also made this frame to 'showcase our love'
(Sweet Pea's words not mine)

There may be more Valentine's crafts in the near future but this is all we got for now!

Thanks for stopping by!


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